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Hello, I have been missing from the site for so long due to writing my second book, To Catch A Dream. Some of the chapters are on here and I have updated the first two.

I turned down the publisher who was interested in it as the contract was very restrictive and everything weighed heavily in their favour with very little offered to me by way of promotional budget.

This meant I would be doing as I am now in my 'going it alone' publishing but only reeping a quarter of the rewards.

As of today 28/2/12 - An Unbreakable Bond is now in the top 20 in four genres on kindle and To Catch a Dream - launched today went straight inot the top 100 of family sagas!

Love Mary x

reach me on: mary.wood18@yahoo.co.uk.

Find creative writing -Show, don't tell - pace - The character led novel and Point of View etc on my blog

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Anything by Catherine Cookson, Martina Cole and love Angela's ashes and Tis. Read classics when a young girl and loved Dickens. (must read them all again) Have had various tastes at different times in my life from Agatha Christie to Georgetta Heyer. Not keen on biographies and thought I hated fantasy until I reviewed some work in this genre on, YouWriteOn.com, then found I can open my mind to it. Haven't tackled a whole book, though.

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I wrote 769 days ago

This book lives up to the pitch. It is well written and draws you in, can't wait to read more of it, so let me know when it is published as it MUST be. 5*'s view book

I wrote 769 days ago

This is very well written and pitched just right for the audience, pulling no punches with what goes on in YA's lives and therefore not p**sing them off as some authors do when writing books for them. This is the world they live in, it is the way they play it and they need a book to reflect reality... view book

I wrote 776 days ago

Sorry no time to read at the moe, but have given you a return backing in appreciation of you backing mine, much love x view book

I wrote 776 days ago

Sorry no time to read at the moment, but backed you on what others have said for now, good luck view book

I wrote 875 days ago

When I last reviewed I saw some passive voice problems,and repetition - now they are gone and you have done a wonderful edit. THIS IS PUBLISHABLE - Get it out there, and that's me shouting at all those who look around this site looking for potential. Brilliant writing, well done, I am backing agai... view book

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