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I am a teacher of math and science for 31 years, settled in USA for 9 years. Until last year or two, I was thinking I can't do anything other than teaching. I used to read a lot. I have two sons (both are electronics engineers), and a daughter doing her B.Pharmacy, and a lot of favorite students.

Ozoneraser is my first attempt in writing field.

You all take a breath of relief, as you all passed,the pole shift and planet Nibiru unscathed because you are destined to get flat on ozoneraser :)

My second attempt, a crazy and pathetic attempt now making on Jan 26 and Jan27...called NaNoWriWee. You have to attempt to write a novel(50000 words in 30 hours) is titled as "SoulTran". I could finish just 13000 words(5 chapters)
I would be uploading it after initial editing.

I am not here for bargains. I write books unto my satisfaction. I read books on this site very rarely due to my preoccupation. But If I read a book, I will bother the writer, so that he/she turns the book into it's best form.

favourite books

I love the books of Isac Asimov, Michael Crichton, Arthur C Clark
Philip K Dick( The father of scientific fiction)
The roots by Alex Haley
Ken follet books

FYI:Any agents, publishers or literary community may contact me directly at vdandibhotla@gmail.com

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Venkatarama S Dandibhotla

Pole shift !! Planet Nibiru!! Every doomsday prediction till date, except this one, has had to do with forces that Man could not control...

The most potent human-killer has arrived. Mankind has been a witness to its fury firsthand as hordes of people dissolve into thin air and vanish. The results are direful!!
“Executive order: I, George U. Hamilton, president of the sovereign United States of America do so order the containment of all areas in the southern states exposed to an unknown contagion. I understand that this order comes at the risk of more than five hundred thousand lives, while saving more than 400,000,000. I command all branches of the armed forces, local civilian police forces and any necessary manpower to cooperate fully with the directors of the National Security Agency. From this moment forth, this presidential action will be referred to as Operation Great Mayhem.”
"SATYAMEVA JAYATE"-Truth Alone Triumphs

Author's Note:

The author strongly believes that terrorists do not form the identity of any particular religion. Every religion as such, is meant for peace and those who take the path of violence alienate themselves from their beliefs. It is a mistake to suspect people based on their faith.Everything that is part of Ozoneraser is fictitious and any resemblance of names, places and circumstances is purely coincidental.



Venkatarama S Dandibhotla

Can seemingly Utopian Neo-Cosmic era of New Americas survive with Gory prehistory of United States of America?25th century need refinement of the past...

A partial submission of NaNoWriWee ( A competition of writing a novel in 30 hours)
When Luster Tenn, took her first soul travel as a pre-empirical, she found that the history of United States of America from 18th century till 23rd century was filled with disdainful societies full of selfish and scornful people ruled by manipulative governments. From 21st century, the governments allowed people kill each other, in the name of religions, in the name of security and finally in the name of psychological disorders. She found that the people of her past lived, ridiculously for a few pieces of paper they called them Dollars. All in all, she hated to be born in such a Mephistophelian country. When Maharishi made her to realize the acts of BURUKAHWAH, the monstrous evil spirit infested in native Americas caused the down fall of United States, her tender soul writhed in agony and helplessness.
But when she realized that she had been chosen by chief to erase and rewrite the history in a brighter shape, she had no choice. She can't even die, because death don't exist in NeoCosimc societies?


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Subra, Writing to thank you for your review and encouragement of my ....

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Dear Venkatarama, As a valued supporter of Doghouse Blues, you may....

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Hi Mr. D! Just got back online. Hope everything is going well.

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I wrote 431 days ago

Retcon- The title captured me to click on it and the short pitch told me everything! Jet remea has delivered most powerful words- in jet speed!!!. I am so thrilled to say that I never...ever read a book with such involvement as I did with this book. Highly starred and on my W/L. venkatarama view book

I wrote 434 days ago

Hi, I am back again. I read this book a few days ago and rated high and gave a profound advice as a comment.. But I had been haunted by both, Yuko Zen and the ghost city girl, I have no choice... No where to go... SO I AM BACKING THE GHOST CITY GIRL..If anyone thinks that I am exaggerating, may Kic... view book

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A Darn fiction... or may be an epic? Time and again, If mother decides to protect her child, not even God can interfere. period. Emma may rightfully boast herself, as a writer and an author, but she just got the right nerve of the reader, with most realistic description of a most realistic fact. ( H... view book

I wrote 434 days ago

Hi Warrick and Vikas, Thank you so much for reading this crap called SoulTran. I admit to you that I am a thinker, lives mostly in creative fantasy, but not a born writer. As soon as I uploaded this work, I felt like removing it and work on it. But i restrained myself from doing so, because reade... view book

I wrote 441 days ago

Sleeping with gods- A fantastic dream every man wish to get into.I read three chapters. been carried away into lucid dreams of flirting with celebrities and billionaires( Beauty and Booty)Highly starred and on my W/L My second book on authonomy is a NaNoWriWee book called SoulTran. I would really... view book

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