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CC Brown is the pseudonym adopted by the three authors: Schyrlet Cameron, Carolyn Craig, and Kathy Brown. The women live in the Ozarks with their families.

Schyrlet: Work Alcoholic-When not researching and writing
spends time on her houseboat.

Carolyn: Free Spirit-Just got back from prospecting in the
Arizona desert.

Kathy: Comedian-Loves to attend fly-ins with her friends.

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favourite books

Schyrlet-Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice

Carolyn-Big Bad Wolf by James Patterson

Kathy-Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris

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my books

Dark Side

C C Brown

Possession of an ancient relic takes Koleen O'Brien and her five friends on a suspense-charged ride, filled with bloodthirsty vampires and extraordinary women.

The sacred relic of the undead... the Vampire Bible has fallen into the hands of a paranormal-artifact dealer. An eBay bid and an annual vacation lead Koleen O'Brien and her five friends to San Antonio to deliver the book to a wealthy Texan. They are clueless to the fact that a pack of blood-thirsty vampires are stalking them to reclaim the Bible. Immortals meet their match as they discover that these women aren't typical mortals; they're members of the Black Widow Society!


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I wrote 641 days ago

Backed Avenging Darkness. Intrigued with the story. We love the world of the supernatural. Haven’t seen many books on Autonomy about the fey. Good job with description and writing in first person point of view. CC Brown view book

I wrote 641 days ago

Backed Solian Chronicles: Pluto Genesis. Action packed first chapter. A great spin on a Star Wars type plot with a female main character, Commander Yu-na Park. She has grit! CC Brown view book

I wrote 751 days ago

Backed and star rated The Devil of Black Bayou. Cannot resist a bloody vampire tale. The opening three sentences of chapter 1 were chilling. Excellent use of descriptive language: the grass twisted, scratched, and swayed as ancient soldiers….….! Story and language reminds me of The Vampire Chronicle... view book

I wrote 751 days ago

Backed and star rated Hidden. Great quote to open the story with. Immediately sets the mood. Good job with dialogue in Chapter 1. Like the way you build the suspense then leave the reader hanging at the end of chapter 1. Good luck on Authonomy. Hope you will take time to look at our book, Dark Side.... view book

I wrote 780 days ago

Backed and star rated The Rise of The New Bloods. Big fang fan! Like the twist of a vampire with a conscious. You might like our vampire book, Dark Side. CC Brown view book

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