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Of all the arts, I believe the business of writing and publishing is the toughest to access. Painters, musicians, singers, and actors have the luxury of exposure and on-the-spot critique. Authonomy gives writers a gallery, a stage, an audience and it works if you work it. Good luck and thanks for participating in such a worthwhile collaborative endeavor!

THE FINAL MISSION, A Boy,a Pilot, and a World at War: published (release date 5/24/2012: Westholme Publishing)

THE CHEECH ROOM: (published)
One to Watch - Harper Collins- 12/11
(release date 7/29/12 - Old Line Publishing)

One to Watch - Harper Collins - 2/2014
ABNA - quarterfinalist - March 2013
WRITER'S DIGEST Top 5 Finalist -
New Beginnings/September 2012


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Too many to list - this month's favorite reads:

The Cry - an amazing read

Doctor Sleep - exceptional

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Liz Hoban

You have nothing to lose so you begin at the end with these four words. "I just killed someone."

On the morning of September 11, 2001, Isabel Henry discovers she’s pregnant, the result of a rape. The unexpected expecting sends her into a panic and she misses her train, making her late for work on the 82nd floor in the World Trade Center's North Tower.

Thoughts of securing an abortion preoccupy her commute. When she arrives at Penn Station she's immediately distracted. The towers were attacked and have collapsed. Isabel realizes this baby growing within her saved her life. Will she reciprocate?

Years pass and just when Isabel is finally at peace with her past, without warning everything changes. On a trip to the city she encounters her rapist, a man she had assumed died all those years ago when the towers collapsed. This man will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Isabel will sooner die than give it to him.

When he is found murdered, the safe little world Isabel has painstakingly built begins to crumble. She’s in for the fight of her life...again.

The manuscript is complete at 90,000 words.


The Weight of Paper

Liz Hoban

People aren’t always who they seem. When your own child is in question, how far would you go to find answers?

My name is Dr. Matthew Germaine and I am what is known as a profiler. I look at a dead body and figure out who, why, what, when, and where. In addition to my career, I’ve been singlehandedly raising my daughter, Jane, for the past two years after her mother, Sophia, left home one day and never came back.

When Sophia’s decomposed body washes up on Star Lake Central, some two years after she’d supposedly left town, my world takes a turn I couldn’t have predicted if my life depended on it. Unfortunately, now my life with Jane’s does depend on it. Jane thinks we’re on an adventure of a lifetime but we are on the run for answers. I wonder if the old adage is true: be careful what you look for, you may find it. At this point, the only thing I know for certain, I will fight to the death. I’m not giving Jane back!

This is a story that challenges the human spirit, and questions whether love itself is enough to survive and be happy. Told predominately in the first person, The Weight of Paper is complete at 86,000.


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Lin Churchill wrote 1 day ago

Oh Liz thank you so much xxxxxx

Splinker wrote 1 day ago

Just asking puts starch in my sock.

Splinker wrote 2 days ago

I don't believe someone should be deprived of my spam just because th....

Splinker wrote 2 days ago

I don't believe someone should be deprived of my spam just because th....

Splinker wrote 2 days ago

I don't believe someone should be deprived of my spam just because th....

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I wrote 7 days ago

Thanks for the message - I just added your book to my watchlist for reading this weekend! Thanks for the interest in my books. I will comment further after I've had a look at The City Gyms. liz view book

I wrote 22 days ago

Why am I backing this? I'm so confused. view book

I wrote 34 days ago

Simply said, this is brilliant - what a fun read so far! I have shelved this and starred it. Please let me know when you upload more. view book

I wrote 46 days ago

Of all the manuscripts I've read on this site this was the funniest by far. You are a brilliant writer. view book

I wrote 46 days ago

You are not only very brave but also a very talented writer. Backed and highest stars. view book

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