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I read most genres...not horror or science fiction though.
A few of my favourite published books ( because the writing is outstanding),
'The Jukebox Queen of Malta' by Nicholas Rinaldi
Dave Eggers' 'A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius'.
Zadie Smith's 'White Teeth',
Many of the classics, anything about the Tudors.

I currently have 26 books on my watchlist so please forgive me for failing to reply to all requests. With this new system If I back you I shall keep you on my shelf for, at least, a couple of days.

My favourite reads on auth.

'Notes On An Orange Burial'. Greg Levin 6 * * * * * *

'A Noble Profession' Greg Levin 6 * * * * * *

''The Existence Game' Judy Adams 6 * * * * * *

' Never Again' Terrence O'Neill' 6 * * * * * *

('Never Again' is published as 'Someone to Love Us')
a truly memorable story.

'Never Say Die' Melanie Davies 6 * * * * * *

'Luminous Dark' Ross Clark 6 * * * * * *

If they are not already on your shelf I can, highly, recommend them.

Meantime, good luck with your manuscript.

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I wrote 522 days ago

Don't suppose this will be out for Xmas, Greg, but really hoping to see it on Amazon in the spring. M view book

I wrote 589 days ago

Full of admiration Nikki; a great deal of research has gone into this historical work of art. Present tense and first person point of view makes it different and immensley readable. It certainly deserves a five star rating; probably six by the time I get to chapter 35. Good Luck with it. Mary ... view book

I wrote 728 days ago

Really, really good. Best W. Mary view book

I wrote 728 days ago

Taking 'Notes' off my shelf for just a few days, Greg, to boost 'One Wrong Turn' . Best Wishes M. view book

I wrote 730 days ago

Hi Violet, is PAINT a change of title for BURNT OCHRE? M PS. Comment from Grace re 'pissing down'. The word 'pissing' dates from as far back as Shakespeare. I do agree with you though, Grace... Violet's writing is interesting and engaging. view book

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