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I make a living as an author of reference law books in South Australia. I'd rather make a living writing more interesting books, such as those I'm sharing with you here, which were a great pleasure to write.

Born in NZ, live 'down under' and have strong ties with the Caribbean.

I find it hard to relate to the darker stories. I prefer inspirational, encouraging, and uplifting stories.

Publishers please contact kiddlrs@optusnet.com.au

Thanks to Bradley Wind for the book cover of 'Faith-Lift'.

favourite books

The Bible
Number One Ladies Detective Agency series

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FAITH-LIFT - You Don't Have to....

David Kidd

Tragically, a whole generation is being brainwashed into believing this life is all there is.

Many now regard life after death as a myth and don't give God any serious thought. They are content to hear only one side of the story.

If you favor knowledge over ignorance or perhaps are bewildered why people, including scientists and world leaders, devote themselves wholeheartedly to Christ, this will be enlightening and perhaps faith-building.

If there's the slightest stirring within you for God, or admiration for Christ, or a desire for eternal happiness, but you need more faith, read on ....

This is a journey through much of the reasoning that strengthens my faith and the faith of many. Keep your mind open and this book may pleasantly surprise you.

Continue your search for truth ...

Reader's comment
... This is bold, clear, and authentic. You have not shied away from the tough truth that the modern secular world finds so difficult. ... Above all you have listened to your heart and speak to other hearts. ... There is great need for a 'Faith Lift'. Although I do not necessarily agree with every detailed point you make, you have been straight and honest. You are dealing with material that maybe only those with ears to hear can hear.


Made For Man

David Kidd

One of the Ten Commandments has become the "poor cousin." Is it time to embrace your poor cousin?

This book is about the Fourth Commandment - the Sabbath, which has become the poor cousin of the Ten Commandments.

Saturday, the seventh day Sabbath, is the central holy day of the Bible. It was established at Creation and codified in the Ten Commandments. Sunday, however, has become the most important holy day of Christianity since the second century. The issue of Saturday versus Sunday Sabbath has been hotly debated for centuries. It's also the case that many other Christians no longer regard either day to be uniquely holy, seeing all time as sacred. Here, a case for the traditional Sabbath of the Ten Commandments is presented with respect shown toward other views, in light of the complexity of the issue.

Regardless of the stance taken in this debate, what shines through is our physical and spiritual need to enjoy the blessings of God's Sabbath rest. Sabbath rest is a dear friend amidst our hectic lifestyles in a world nearing spiritual bankruptcy.

Irrespective of our view on this issue however, the truth is that salvation is by God's grace, through faith, and not through commandment keeping


Essays of Encouragement and Ex....

David B. Kidd

An encouraging and challenging read for Christians ready to be stretched. In other words, "a good rev-up" in the nicest possible way.

The Apostle John exhorted the Laodicean Church to "be zealous and repent." The apostle Paul admonished the Corinthian Church telling them they were rich and full and reigning like kings whilst he and his companions were treated like the filth and offscouring of the world. Christians today are rarely exposed to the strong exhortations to holiness and service like those given by these early apostles.

Whilst traversing some interesting Bible terrain not commonly explored, and learning from some colorful episodes in the Bible, including Samson's exploits, David and Goliath's stoush, and the Rechabites' kept vow, the Christian reader will find encouragement to persevere along the narrow path paved for us by Christ.


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I wrote 32 days ago

The 'barrel of a pen and not of a gun" - I like that. All the best with this interesting book. view book

I wrote 212 days ago

Dear Jeri, I don't mind preachy as much as the last person who commented, but I agree with her point about cohesion. Maybe you could take the best of your work in this book and structure it into a shorter book unified closely around your great theme of taking up the cross and following Christ. rega... view book

I wrote 224 days ago

Dear Kathryn, this is great so far. Maximum stars from me. regards David view book

I wrote 242 days ago

Hi Toriness, I think you have a wonderful way of describing things. I have not read much yet, but there is one thing I notice you could do which would improve the flow of your book for the reader. You often write a sentence like: "I am going to the shop." Jack said. Thi... view book

I wrote 247 days ago

Dear Christopher, I have now read all of your book and rate it six stars. I am sorry I can't offer any suggestions for improvement, but I see no errors, not even a typo. Every sentence reads effortlessly. Having read your story, I feel like I know you. Also, not having suffered like you, I feel now ... view book

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