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My latest novel, EVE, is now uploaded. The book is complete at just under 80,000 words but I have uploaded the first sixteen chapters only.

Thank you to my daughter and her boyfriend for the cover.

I am very fortunate to live in beautiful Somerset. I divide my time between working with special needs children, writing and a constant battle with the weeds in my garden.

If anyone should wish to contact me please e-mail me at scruffydog.books@btinternet.com

favourite books

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak
Altered Land - Jules Hardy
Sister - Rosamund Lupton
Afterwards - Rosamund Lupton
The Tempest - Shakespeare

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http://twitter.com/debbie_roxburgh     http://debbierox.wordpress.com

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Debbie Roxburgh

Eve has autism and struggles to cope in a world of emotional conflict and family turmoil.

Life is difficult for Eve. Her mother is depressed and regularly ups and leaves whilst her father struggles to keep the family together. Unable to voice her fears, Eve builds a 'book wall' in her room which she takes refuge behind.

When left to look after his daughter, Robert discovers ways of coping with her needs that brings them closer together. But then Eve spots her mother with another man and all her father's hard work begins to unravel.


Speedy McCready

Debbie Roxburgh

Light-hearted children's book looking at how families might have to create their own electricity when the National Grid starts to fail.

A light-hearted children's book which considers a world where families create their own electricity by using government- issued exercise bikes and treadmills. An hour on the bike buys you time to watch your favourite television programme or play on the XBox.

Ten-year-old Dillon invents a way or harnessing the energy created by his pet hamster, Speedy McCready, as he runs in his exercise wheel. His idea wins a national science competition making him a national hero. He even gets to meet the Queen and the Prime Minister.


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PurpleProse wrote 1 day ago

Hi Debbie , saw your book and thought it looked fascinating. I'm plan....

TheImpeccableEditor wrote 1 day ago

Debbie, thanks for your comment on the Guide! (the later chapters hav....

NotebookGirl wrote 2 days ago

Your novel EVE looks amazing. I worked with a child with autism at a ....

Fontaine wrote 2 days ago

Happy Easter to you too. Should be going Tuesdy evening (all being we....

katie78 wrote 3 days ago

thanks debbie! i really appreciate the specifics in your review.

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I wrote 2 days ago

I have finally put aside some time to read this. I have bought many, yet used few books on writing. This is written in a very matter-of-fact, easy-to-read way that makes it both accessible and practical. There are a number of gems such as, 'accept the need to make changes', 'make every word count... view book

I wrote 3 days ago

Katie I have finished reading all you've uploaded. This moves along at a good pace. The addition of backstory gives a feel for the sisters' relationship as well as how things were after their mother left., Like the snippets of Charlie's rebellious streak. Although we haven't met her, we're ge... view book

I wrote 9 days ago

I like the opening to this followed by taking the reader back to when Hasan was ten. The subject matter is shocking and by telling it through Hasan's eyes as child makes it very powerful. Those poor young girls - their fear is palpable. The paragraph that begins "Just a few minutes, things are no... view book

I wrote 10 days ago

Katie - I have read the first two chapters so far. Chapter1 I liked the opening line. Pulled me straight in. I like the amount of backstory woven in here. We get to know a lot about Olivia through her relationship with Rick, her parents' relationship and her clients. It gives her some depth ... view book

I wrote 12 days ago

Rachel I have enjoyed reading the first 3 chapters of your children's book. I can imagine children really liking your m/c. He is funny, a bit geeky and lives in an imaginary world of Gavin the Secret Agent. Gizmo, the rather snoothy, ginger cat, makes the perfect accomplice. I thought the Smell... view book

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