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I am not a writer. I am an outdoorsman who enjoys a good book once in awhile. I live in the country where I can sit on my deck and drink a cup of coffee (or a beer) and enjoy the wildlife. Deer, turkey, coyote, and bobcats cross my property daily to drink from the spring that runs through my 8 acres.

I like fast-paced, easy to read stories with lots of action. I am not interested in wordy stories that call on the reader to be a deep thinker. I just want to be entertained.

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Private by James Patterson

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miacia7 wrote 618 days ago

This is my first book, the death of my son gave me the strength to st....

miacia7 wrote 635 days ago

Lots of action in my book! I would love for you to take a look at....

Eponymous Rox wrote 648 days ago

Hey there, Rickie Bill. My investigative piece ‘THE CASE OF THE DROWN....

David Jack Smith wrote 656 days ago

Hi Rickie thanks for the backing. I hope you find reading further me....

Ruth2904 wrote 770 days ago

Hi Rickie Bill I'm fairly new to this site and am looking for feedba....

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I wrote 847 days ago

Backed Clash. Read prologue and chapter 1. This book is very timely. Even though it is about Argentina’s struggle it underlines struggle taking place in Middle East with Arab Spring and rebellion against the dictators that rule those countries. I am not an author so can’t give any suggestions on gra... view book

I wrote 938 days ago

Backed One Wrong Turn. Gets right into the action. Excellent job with dialogue. Great idea-wrong turn and everything quickly goes south! CC Brown passed the title to me a few days ago, and suggested I check your story out. Hope you will find time to take a look at CC’s book, Dark Side. RickieBill ... view book

I wrote 939 days ago

Backed Blue Flamingo. I asked my friends CC Brown to recommend a fast- paced, action crime story. They suggested Blue Flamingo. Great beginning with the tense scene between Matt, Christian, and “Mr. Mystery.” Good description of the computer scene also. Read, liked the three chapters you have poste... view book

I wrote 1054 days ago

Backing your work with pleasure! Hope you have a chance to take a look at Dark Side by CC Brown. Good Luck to you. Rickie Bill view book

I wrote 1054 days ago

Fast-paced and great description. Happy to place you on my shelf. Hope you have a chance to take a look at Dark Side by CC Brown. Good Luck. Rickie Bill view book

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