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I am a qualified visual artist and love reading.

I hope to learn from other writers from this site.

I can be reached at mskhosana@nwpg.gov.za

The cover on GOLIATH MUST PURGE is a painting done by me.

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Goliath thought himself untouchable until he met David. When David killed him, he set off reincarnations for him to atone for his sins..

Goliath's brother Guzali begged him not to do battle against Israel and instead work towards repenting. He did not listen and when he was killed, he was given a chance through reincarnation to do so. Still he continued with his wicked ways until he saw his chance of going to heaven being about to be forfeited.




Pitso fell in love the moment he saw Lerato but Mothusi is an obstacle. This led him to assist Mothusi on an illegal venture.

Pitso saw Lerato at a music festival and he knew there and then that this is the person that can bring stability and happiness in his life. This is after he had divorved his cheating wife. Lerato had also just ended her relationship with Mothusi who is in denial that it is over. Mothusi warned Pitso to stay away from Lerato. Pitso couldn't give up on Lerato, which led him to get mixed up with Mothusi's shady venture.


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Meg Wearing wrote 1 day ago

Thank you so much for backing Charlie Parker's Corner Of The Prairie.....

Meg Wearing wrote 4 days ago

Thanks for your reply, I would like to add one of your books to my....

Meg Wearing wrote 5 days ago

Could I interest you in taking a look at my novel, Charlie Parker....

Andreea Daia wrote 9 days ago

You're very welcome, Elliot. I wish you the best of luck! Andreea

Andreea Daia wrote 12 days ago

Hi again -- As promised, my comments are in. A very interesting co....

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I wrote 13 days ago

i love watching science fiction because it is easy to be fascinated by the gimimcks. your first 2 chapters could be better suited for the screen in my opinion because of the language you use. I was not sure to continue reading but i tried chpt 3. i think that is when your book caught my interest so ... view book

I wrote 14 days ago

The story of bankers and banks under normal circumstances could be boring to me but you have added a good twist of suspense to it. Your description of events sucks the reader into the story. The opening chapters - I read up to 3 give an indication that it is going to be a fast paced read. I will rea... view book

I wrote 21 days ago

A very interesting story as each chapter is an adventure. It is hard to associate the churh with the cloak and dagger stuff but what can one say, every course has its fanatics.I am not sure what is happening between Peter and his wife but I expect the church to help her fight her demons if there ar... view book

I wrote 27 days ago

I have read up to chpt four and you have a good story going on. I am not sure about the intensive training Mila got after receiving ten lashes. I think maybe you introduced it too soon I mean being a women and having a lost a lot of blood but then again it is just my opinion. Will surely read more w... view book

I wrote 28 days ago

I read up to chpt 3. The story has a good build up and the introduction of murder makes one to look forward to reading more. If I had time I could have finished reading without a break. Be assured that I will read more when I get a chance. Good luck view book

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