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I have just written a novel and would like some feed back from all you well written, well read, well punctuated, well spelt, well grammared, cultured people.

I tried before but didn't get beyond a couple of pages.

That I have actually completed one is nothing short of a miracle! My family and friends are amazed! God love them, they've no sense!

I realise that my efforts are amateurish compared to most people on this site but I would be grateful for any comments which may help me improve.

I want to write a great book at some point in my life, sooner rather than later would be good.

Thanks to anyone who reads it! xox

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Catcher In the Rye
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Marian Mc Curdie

They says what comes around goes around but does it? Could you forgive? Could you forget? Well could you?

Fate bring together three very different people.

Eileen an elderly Irish woman, who has suffered barbaric cruelty and loss throughout her life.

Paul a young Northern Irish man who hides behind the IRA, in an effort to disguise his homosexuality.

Kate the golden girl who seems to have the fairy tale life, loved by everybody, and married to her Prince Charming.

Their meeting brings about a chain of events that change their lives and those around them.

Their pasts are inexorably linked but will they have the courage to forgive each other.

Does forgiveness mean you forget?

When is murder justified?

This story examines their journey towards acceptance and forgiveness of each other and those around them. They learn that to have a future, the past must be allowed to have it's place.

Is the past a place you would like to revisit?

If by any miracle I have attracted a reader or readers, would you limit yourself to the first seven chapters (LOL) as I am rewriting chapters eight to fourteen with a view to POV's. xox


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I wrote 1885 days ago

Hello Patrick, I've read and enjoyed your writing. As I said, I know nothing about writing so I can't do cnstructive criticism. It's funny. It is also the most original book I've read on this site. It's new and exciting and I love it. view book

I wrote 1901 days ago

Hi Sue, Put more chapters up. I really enjoyed this work. My little nephew is autistic,and one of my children has a disabilty,so I identified with this story on a really personal level. In fact I want to cry. It is a story of triumph over adversity,and as there is not much good news about at ... view book

I wrote 1903 days ago

I'v e read your first chapter and really enjoyed it. If I had more time I'd read on. Your story is fast paced and interesting. My only complaint is that sometimes there is a lot going on and although I could understand and follow everything some people may be put off. Martin is a great character ... view book

I wrote 1905 days ago

I thought your story flowed well and I wanted to keep reading. I love your two characters Ellie and Beth and want to know all about them. I like your dialogue, it is very natural. I'm backing it. Take a look at mine if you get a chance. view book

I wrote 1907 days ago

I've backed your book. Sorry for the long wait but I've been busy. Good luck with your work!!! view book

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