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BA in Psychology, community volunteering, animal rights
Day Job:
Not for Profit Advocate
Moonlighting as:
Superwoman! Oh, and I also write occasionally ;)

I am a YA, Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy junkie, who will devour anything in these areas. Feel free to pitch me about your work and, if it peaks my interst, I will do my best to give contructive criticism. A promise to read my work is not required, but greatly appreciated, of course.

Note: I do not auto back projects. If you back my work I hope it's because you loved it and want to support it, not that you just expect me to back yours as well. I will back projects that I truly love and admire, ones that I would want to buy and read over and over again.

Happy Reading! XOXO

favourite books

Generally, I have favorite authors in that I respond to their pace, voice and creativity.

Dan Brown
Steve Berry
Kelley Armstrong
Diana Gabaldon
Nicholas Sparks
Lisa Desrochers
Jane Austen

In short, I love everything that has a great premise and can grab my attention in the first few pages.

* I have quite a few projects on my WL, so dont be shy to send me a reminder if I have not gotten to yours in a few weeks :)

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tone099 wrote 50 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

Brian Bandell wrote 453 days ago

Hi Brittanee, You previously commented on my novel Mute. I recentl....

miacia7 wrote 640 days ago

he death of 29 years old son, made me decide to write the story of m....

Eponymous Rox wrote 655 days ago

Hey there, Brittanee. My investigative piece ‘THE CASE OF THE DROWNIN....

Brian Bandell wrote 659 days ago

Hi Brittanee, A few months ago you left a comment about how much y....

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I wrote 805 days ago

The Chimera Factor I love a good thriller and I think you have a winning idea here. I like how you weave the different sections together to try to get the timing right. FYI - I laughed out loud at the notion of a pacifist animal experimenter. Quite the combination :) The medical terminology is a... view book

I wrote 805 days ago

Hidden Goddess Hey Amanda, this is a great start to a YA novel. The intro is gripping and get's the reader's pulse racing. Though, i was disappointed to find that it was a dream, since it read like a prologue, teasing us with events to come later in the book. The notion of time and your description... view book

I wrote 811 days ago

The Withering Hey Joshua, This is an amazing story! I usually try to offer some constructive critism, but other than a typo here and there - which will be ironed out with editing - I couldn't find anything noteworthy to point out. Your pace is great. I love how you keep the action going, while stil... view book

I wrote 826 days ago

Mute... You display a strong grasp of imagery in your writing. At times it is painfully easy to visualize your descriptions, so kudos! The pace is great and it is obvious that you went to great lengths to fully develop your characters, especially by tailoring the dialogue. The only aspect that is q... view book

I wrote 829 days ago

Demon in the Night... I really like the start to your book. The prologue kicks it off and grabs my attention right away. I read up to chapter 8 and while I thought the overall material was good, I found myself getting bogged down in some of the descriptions and asides, such as when in Chapter 5, ... view book

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