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My book, BADD, reached the editor under the old system - it was very hard work.

HEALTH WARNING. Due to sitting for too long at a stretch 'doing' Authonomy - I developed a clot in my right leg - part of this then moved to my lungs. That nearly killed me. However, I soon fully recovered, but I do strongly advise regular walk abouts at short intervals. I was lucky - DVT is serious - a pulmonary embolism can be fatal - I was lucky.

Currently, I either write, play golf, or chess, or invent stuff.
For me, surviving childhood was probably a miracle. That prompted many cautionary tales in BADD. This comprised 25 linked, true-to-life dramas / comedies recording a young boy growing up - at first a minor menace but ending up a hero. The stories were aimed to engage adults and particularly children aged 8 -11. Many children in this age group have read some Barry Badd stories and have been highly complimentary.

After a huge amount of editing the book that was shown here was split into two. I have now self published 5 Barry Badd books out of a series of 12. Seven further books are written but not yet edited.

BADD has been made private on Authonomy.

email david.seaby@yahoo.co.uk

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I greatly enjoy Bill Bryson's intelligent humour, I also particularly like amusing biographies. For example The moon's a balloon by David Niven, Dear Fatty by Dawn French, The Elephant to Hollywood by Michael Caine.

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I wrote 4 days ago

I read chapters 1 and 2. There is one word I hate, and that word is 'forever'. But I thought this story was remarkable for its clarity and truthfulness. I could see it published. I also like the cover very much. Good luck. David view book

I wrote 16 days ago

I think the writing is great and what an exciting idea - a bookmark that allows you to get inside a book. I wish I had thought of that! David view book

I wrote 23 days ago

What a dramatic start - I hardly dared read on. David view book

I wrote 233 days ago

I only read chapter 1. I think it starts extremely well but goes a little over the top in the middle when describing the mosquito bites. Humour is best understated and dead pan in my opinion. However, this is very easily corrected if the author decides to agree with me, and I do have a space on my s... view book

I wrote 351 days ago

I only read chapter 1 but thought it very well written with a distictive 'voice'. The sentences are packed with information but it is never difficult to follow the meaning. I very soon wished for a happy outcome for the talented Apache girl but at the same time I feared for her and that gave the sto... view book

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