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In third grade I started to create home movies with my friends. I would write and direct them. In around fifth grade I realized why make movies where you would need special effects to put in a dragon, when you could write a book and put in anything you want? Now I'm 16 and writing has been my passion for as long as I can remember.

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I'd have to give it to the Homelanders Series. Very good.

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Flight 123

Christian James

What would you do if you received a phone call from your best friend, who's plane disappeared three years ago?

John and Zach are best friends throughout all of high school, but once they graduate Zach moves to Paris for college. He always promised John he would come back and celebrate John's 21 birthday, but unfortunately his plane disappears and is never found.
Three years later Zach's plane lands and to all of the passengers it was a normal 7 hour flight. At first John is just happy that his best friend is back, but as time goes on Zach starts to act different. John tries to uncover the secret behind Flight 123.


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I wrote 1400 days ago

Thank you for the comment on Flight 123, it was very helpful. I like the idea of this. You can progress it a great amount and have many twists and turns which keeps a reader going. Great job. view book

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