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I've had two novels published by Canvas- Monsoon Season and A Long Thaw. I connected with my publisher by having my work posted on here, so I consider myself an Authonomy success story. Thanks to everyone who read and commented since I've been here.

Turns out, getting published isn't the end of the story; it's just one step along the way. I'm workshopping my current WIP here because the writing community has been so helpful in the past.

I've been involved in peer workshopping and have developed a pretty thick skin. Honest opinions are welcome and appreciated.

I'm also interested in genre segregation! I honestly don't mean to offend anyone, but I don't read horror, sci-fi or fantasy. This isn't what i write. I'm not qualified to critique it. I'm having trouble finding straight fiction (that isn't also fantasy or YA).

Contact me at: katiewritesfiction@gmail.com

favourite books

The Bluest Eye, Morrison
The Poisonwood Bible, Kingsolver
The Whole World Over, Glass
Flesh and Blood, Cunningham
Girl, Interrupted, Kaysen
Lost In the Forrest, Miller
A Visit From the Goon Squad, Egan
The Condition, Haigh
He's Gone, Caletti

my websites

http://katieorourke.com     http://www.amazon.com/Monsoon-Season-ebook/dp/B007

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my books

Finding Charlie

Katie O'Rourke

When 19 year old Charlotte Howard doesn't return from a party, only the people who know her best are appropriately terrified.

It's not like Charlie to stay out without calling. As the hours turn to days, older sister Olivia tries to put the pieces together. She finds a lost cell phone, an abandoned car and an untrustworthy boyfriend she'd never met before who was the last person to see her sister alive. And he's not the only secret Charlie's been keeping.


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Debbie R wrote 1 day ago

Hi Katie Thanks for your further comments. I will take a look at th....

Helianthus wrote 1 day ago

Hehe, I just read your WIP here. You have some typos of course, but i....

L_MC wrote 1 day ago

Katie - you're a star. Checked after I read your comment and the wron....

Debbie R wrote 3 days ago

Thanks for pointing that out - with only one pair of hands that sound....

L_MC wrote 3 days ago

Katie thanks for the read. Will take a look at those points and tidy ....

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I wrote 1 day ago

chapter three- i feel like there's a slight pov issue in this chapter. are we still in eve's pov? it doesn't seem like she'd have the perspective to relate the mother's 'mistakes' and why the assistant isn't there. your first chapter was exquisite, but as we go on in eve's perspective, i'm longin... view book

I wrote 2 days ago

chapter three- i'd suggest expanding the first scene. i suspect this leads to caitlin's television opportunity? as it is, the scene is so short it seems to serve that function alone- just something to refer back to when the son does refer her. it might as well be a line of narrative. you have an opp... view book

I wrote 2 days ago

chapter 2 is confusing. i'm not sure who the narrator is or who 'he' is. there seem to be shifts in verb tense. i don't understand what kind of 'properties' are being referred to. the wording of the first line is off: "i thought about how pleasant see him again was." i like mystery, but this shor... view book

I wrote 3 days ago

in chapter two, when eve sits behind the row of books in her room, you say her hands are under her feet. then she has a hand on her chest. then her hand are still under her feet. otherwise, just enjoying the read. view book

I wrote 3 days ago

i liked this. your dialogue between the sisters was realistic and balanced with visual details that make the scene jump off the page. you create believable tension that makes your characters instantly interesting. no small trick. i'll be back to read more. for now, i have just a few constructive (i ... view book

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