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The Naked Professor


He didn’t pick the name. But it wasn’t long before Sky City chose one for the humiliated academic who sacrificed dignity to save the day.

Ever been standing on the edge of a building, lost your balance and fallen ten stories before suddenly waking up from a nightmare? Ever find yourself naked in an embarrassing situation – only to wake up from a dream?

When Professor Cecil Stanley finds himself plunging to his death down a garbage tube or suddenly naked in front of his class, something else happens. When it’s reality, the shock awakens and activates his dream powers.

Professor Stanley has inherited and harnessed 200 years of technology to bring the reality-altering power of dreams into actuality. For about the same length of time as a dream lasts he can fly, float, be invisible, meet the deceased, create a double, time travel and otherwise transform the wakened world.

But when those powers vanish the Professor is left stranded wherever, naked, and his abilities won’t work again until his connection with the hidden source of this miracle, Dreamdome, recharges.

Will it be in time to save the night?

The Naked Professor, while complete unto itself, shares a larger integrated fictional universe. Two new releases and links to the entire universe can be discovered at www.tarexia.wordpress.com


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Hi – Would you be interested in a swap read? I write science-ficti....

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patio wrote 599 days ago

Dear friend, Would you mind appraise/proofread a chapter of my book....

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I wrote 890 days ago

You're the first to comment on the novel, Karen, so my appreciation is bountiful. Thanks for catching the boners! (no pun intended but quickly spotted) view book

I wrote 949 days ago

Incongruently, the first 23 comments have NOTHING TO DO with the present content of this book. Carry on from here. ;) view book

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