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about me

Author, Teacher, Editor.

My novel "Sister, Daughter,Mother,Wife" was published in December 2009.

I have some poetry included in the anthology "Poeticising Chat" which was published in May 2011. (Along with several other Authonomy poets.)

Both of these are available on Amazon.

When I'm not writing, I'm teaching. I am an editor and I run my own writers' services business.

Thanks to everyone who supported "Unspoken" on its journey to the ED. I will publish the review when it comes through,
"Unspoken" is now under contract. Details to follow.

favourite books

Anything by Stephen King, Dean Koontz, John Saul, Ian Rankin,

"The Ode Less-Travelled" by Stephen Fry.

my websites

http://www.verse-artiste.weebly.com     http://liliankendrick.weebly.com

HarperCollins is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

my books


Lilian Kendrick

At fifteen, the whole world lies ahead of you...at forty-four, has it passed you by?

Lydia had forgotten all about the list she made when she was fifteen years old.
Now she has just six months to make her teenage dreams come true, before she turns 45.
Determined to turn her life around and achieve her goals she embarks on a series of quests for happiness, aided and abetted by her trusty sidekicks Trudi and Des.
Stumbling from one disaster to another, will she ever make it on time?

Since reaching the ED in July, I have removed some of the chapters from the site. If you wish to read it in full, please contact me.


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KirkH wrote 2 days ago

Thanks Lil. You might want to give them the latest copy. K

KirkH wrote 5 days ago

LOL :-)

KirkH wrote 5 days ago

Thansk Lil - Happy Easter to you and your family too. Now all we nee....

KirkH wrote 8 days ago

Ugh, I don't know what to do with Expat Wives. It's not popular on Au....

KirkH wrote 8 days ago

oh, those germans ;-)

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I wrote 24 days ago

Glad you decided to post this. You know what I think already, let's see how Authonomy likes it. view book

I wrote 51 days ago

(A return read on behalf of "The Notorious Expat Wives" ) I have read the first few chapters, and although this is not a genre I would usually choose, I can see that you have something original here. You capture the narrative voice well and create a clear image of your characters. You write well,... view book

I wrote 94 days ago

Chapter 1: How well you capture the sense of loss and ‘unrealness’ that is left after the loss of a loved one. The writing is almost faultless, but because I know you want genuine critique I shall nitpick as I go along. Nitpick: ‘hospice’ and ‘vicar’ don’t need capital letters as they are common... view book

I wrote 118 days ago

You paint a vivid picture of the squalor of Saxon life in your early chapters. Your characters are well-drawn and you are setting up the story well. As someone who earns a living as an editor, I couldn't help but notice there are a few misplaced apostrophes, and at least one occasion where you swap ... view book

I wrote 323 days ago

I've started to read this tonight and I think you have a good style and it starts well. I will read on and comment fully later. By the way is the title meant to be Adultery - or is the misspelling intentional? ;) Lilian x view book

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