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I am currently seeking literary representation. Any agents or other authonomies seeking to contact me can do so at handoktor@gmail.com

I am schoolboy from Lahore, Pakistan. Age eighteen and characteristics: Lean, mean and green... I Love to read books, mostly reference about geography, history and natural history but 5% fiction.
I have completed my second novel, The Forgotten Alamgir: The six secrets. (The first one, went into the rubbish. The publishers did this!)
What i do in my works is that i try to grab famous figures from history and build heaps of fiction upon them. In this attempt, I develop a sense of curiousity, horror and romance also... Thus at the end, leading to an attractive book.
But i do not add false facts to my books: I do not let the critics shout. I discover the weak points of history that history has never recorded and attract the reference bookworms to my works of fiction. For this purpose, before every book of mine, there is a research period of a week and another week of immense thinking and finally a month of immense, three-hour writing a day. Believe me, you will love my book. Just give it a chance and you will not be able to escape from the attraction of the book in itself.

And Oh yes, my name...
It is Al-Harth Chauhdhrey Muhammad Abu Bakr Ejaz Jutt Guddarah
I South Asia, especially India and Pakistan, we have exceptionally large names. For mine the order is as follows.
Al-Harth is my pen-name and it means "the victor" in Arabic. You may use it as to call me.
Choudhrey was a ttile offfered to enticement to get Indians to take british offer to work for them amd with them.
Muhammad is the name of my Holy Prophet, the last mesenger of god and this denotes i am a Muslim
Abu Bakr is my real name.
Ejaz is my father's name.
Jutt is my caste.
Guddarah is my clan. Guddarah is actually the name of my 22nd generation ancestor.

favourite books

Harry Potter
The Handbook of the Birds of the World
Jane Eyre
The Holy Quran
Oliver Twist
A Tale of Two Cities

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The Forgotten Alamgir: The six....

Al-Harth Chauhdhrey Muhammad A....

Every picture has 2 sides. But what about Aurangzeb, the greatest king of India? He might be the greatest sinner despite_of his religious reforms.

Every picture has two sides, negative and positive. Every man has two dimensions, the visible and the hidden. But what about Aurangzeb, perhaps the greatest king of India. He might be the greatest sinner of his time, despite of his extreme religious reforms. He might have committed those things in the darkness of night which he prohibited in the light of day. Nobody knows...

The book is set on Aurangzeb, the great Alamgir of India. It is not an Aurangzeb in accounts like Aurangzebnama. It is an Aurangzeb who manages to escape his deathbed.The book starts off from the deathbed of Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb is shown as being in an extremely desperate state. At once, a statue-dwelling spirit appears, to whom Aurangzeb owes much. The spirit dies in Aurangzeb's place and he escapes his deathbed...

Aurangzeb does not be able to believe it, he has 329 years to live! But the six mysteries disturb him a lot and he is not able to escape from the curiosity originating from the strangeness of the mysteries. If you are to discover what are the answers, you must read to the last chapter... (All 52 of the 52 chapters readily available)


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I wrote 644 days ago

All of you please not that farangi means British in Persian language and that the Zainab in the first 5 mysteries is the Queen Anne of England. The writing uses many India words to look realistic view book

I wrote 652 days ago

I wanted to say that, as AZurangzeb is a pretty important and well-studied personality, it would not amke any sense to cover the days before his :escape from the deathbed" and if i did that , it would be copyright violation. So i decided to give the readers a fast description of Aurangzeb and his ba... view book

I wrote 656 days ago

Hello. I am to tell you that Aurangzeb was somehow the greatest Mughal emperor of India and the last one of the Mughal emperors who could claim control over india. He was a religious man as well as one with great military skill. He is, for all the Muslims across the globe, a hero. view book

I wrote 658 days ago

Oh! Hello! This adventure book is a great read, especially for children, 7-13. Although i am 18, i still like it. It has turned out to hook me and it has taken away my attention. view book

I wrote 664 days ago

Why did you take the book off your backlist? view book

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