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Before marriage, I was a wanderer. Lived in Paris for six months. Also sojourned in Brazil for eighteen months. Now settled down with three children who've now flown the coop.

I'm a musician and sit in with a fifteen piece dance band.

Write novels and in my spare time also play softball.

favourite books

'The Bodyguard of Lies', where I've gotten some great ideas on the lives of true historical characters.

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The Resolute ... But Careless ....

Bernard Schwartzberg

Why was Princess Noor, a careless spy and ill-trained wireless radio operator, sent into France in 1943 by the S.O.E.? Here begin her heroic adventures.

This unique tale is based upon the true-life adventures of Princess Noor, a naive young woman who helped defeat the Nazis. It traces her astonishing odyssey from her birth inside the Kremlin in 1914 to 1944, as she evolves from complete innocence into an historical heroine. Liberally spiced with accurate details, this spy adventure puts into perspective the crises leading up to and through World War Two. Reared in Paris by overly protective royal parents from Peshawar, India, she reaches the age of twenty-one as a naïve, emotional, careless and impulsive young lady. … hardly the attributes of a future spy. It is at this point that she meets, Paulo, a classmate at the School For Writing, and the two innocents become lovers. After Paulo is drafted into the Italian Army for service to fight in Ethiopia and is then sent to other countries and is letters to Noor eventually stop arriving. She spends the following years in a desperate search for his whereabouts.


The Careless Spy

Bernard Schwartzberg

To this day, mystery still surrounds Princess Noor as to why S.O.E.sent this gentle and careless young woman into extreme danger as a spy.

This novel is based upon the life of Princess Noor Inayat Khan, beautiful, naive, but careless-not prototype of a future spy. Born inside the Kremlin during 1914, but reared in Paris by protective parents from Peshawar, India, who keep her under a 6 p.m. curfew.

At of twenty-one, she falls in love with Paulo, an Italian classmate, at the School for Writing in Paris. The two innocents become lovers. Paulo's torn from her arms and drafted to the Italian Army.

Liberally spiced with accurate details, this spy adventure puts into perspective the crises leading up to and through World War II. In 1940, Noor flees to England, where she encounters extreme prejudice. She uses her sexual prowess with a British officer in order to be accepted for training, but only as a Wireless Radio Operator. Frustrated for three years, at last, she returns to France.

While childishly stumbling through exciting espionage exploits,her carelessness leads the Gestapo to her capture, where Noor remains defiant and manages two escapes before being betrayed.

Her amazing odyssey is portrayed as this princess evolves from innocence into a historical heroine.


Encounter at Roseland

optimista - Bernard Schwartzbe....

A unique mystery from out of the past. A Brazilian painting merges with American Jazz and leads from The Roseland Ballroom to four brutal murders.

June 1953. Four sadistic murders occurred in New York City. A Brazilian artist committed those Killings. Fingerprints from the apartment of an English girl, Cathy Herndon, the first victim, leads Detective Mullins to Brian Scherer, a young musician and Cathy's boyfriend.

Brian slips out of that situation with a logical explanation of his whereabouts at the time of her murder. With no solid clues, but still under suspicion, he concludes it's no coincidence when his best friend Jack Chasen, is also murdered. With no experience in sleuthing, he takes a fling at unraveling the puzzle.

Grasping for straws, Brian comes up with some far out ideas including sending Tom Holland, a P.I., to Brazil looking for clues about the Brazilian artist's early history. While Tom is away, Brian becomes friendly with Tom's receptionist, sexy, crude and supposedly brainless, Fran Stafford.

Brian hooks up with her intending to include Fran in his complex plan for snaring the Brazilian. Brian discovers under all her loud makeup lurks a beautiful,sensitive and not dumb bleached blonde. He has two tasks: Capture Cathy's killer and also turn Fran's life around a la Pygmalion.


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I wrote 1573 days ago

Hi JD Finally got with Chapter 2. You sure kept up the excitement throughout. Reading through it brought me back to my twenties. I won't go into the entire story because in future it might become the basis for my sixth novel. Anyway, Bob, the female clothes designer, told me he and his Frenc... view book

I wrote 1574 days ago

Hi Kev It took me some time to respond to your review of 'Encounter at Roseland'. My daily and weekly chores take up too many hours. Chapter One reads like a great start to your crime novel. Almost all your reviewers applauded your posting, however, they failed to suggest any possible editi... view book

I wrote 1574 days ago

Hi Katherine Sorry I'm so late responding, but my time is so limited, I'm lucky if I can squeeze in just one review a day. I perused your reviewers and all seem to be enthralled with this simply written story. I'm handicapped as a slow reader and reviewer since I don't have all those wonde... view book

I wrote 1578 days ago

Hi Lanson First of all, I must thank you for a short readable first chapter. I've run across a number a first chapters that took me more than a half-hour to read. I'm a slow reader and supposedly a person of a few words. So I'm in no position to give you a long gushy review. I'm not capable ... view book

I wrote 1578 days ago

Hi Lynne A very touching story so far. I've looked over all your great reviews and there's no point in just adding another. I'd rather present you with some suggestions, which although minor points might help you. Remember 'less is better'. ( ) means omit & [ ] means insert - most of ... view book

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