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I'm a self confessed CHICK LIT lover and don't mind admitting it ;)

A massive thank you to anyone who reads, comments, and backs either of my books. It's much appreciated.

My new book, Dreaming Again, is very much a work in progress still, but I feel I have enough written to showcase here. All criticism (good, bad, or indifferent) is most welcome at this time as I haven't received any feedback on it yet.

Cheers everyone!


favourite books

Before I Forget and Something You Should Know - Melissa Hill.
PS I Love You, Where Rainbows End and Thanks for the Memories - Cecelia Ahern.
Always the Bridesmaid - Sarah Webb.
Champagne Kisses - Amanda Brunker
Anything from Sophie Kinsella especially Twenties Girl.
And loads more . . . the list is endless!!

I believe that today more than ever a book should be sought after even if it has only one great page in it.

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my books

Dreaming Again

Grace O Sullivan

If you had to choose between your dreams and reality, which would it be? Not that simple now, is it? Welcome to Lorna Dillon's world!

Lorna Dillon is one of life’s dreamers who happens to be stuck in a dead end job with no prospect of promotion – and that’s before her hours are cut. She’s fast approaching 30, lives at home with her parents, and carries her single status around with her like a ball and chain.
Her one saving grace comes at night when she turns out her bedside light. There, beneath a galaxy of stars on her ceiling, she’s transported to another world – a world so far removed from the hell she’s currently living in that she sometimes finds herself wishing she didn't have to wake up come morning.
Clearly, no one ever told Lorna that she should be careful what she wishes for, because a freak encounter between her and a car puts her into the deepest sleep of her life with no guarantee she’ll ever wake up again.
Her family and friends gather round her hospital bedside, hoping and praying for a miracle to bring their Lorna back to them. Little do they know that behind closed eyelids, Lorna is living her ultimate fantasy with the man of her dreams – and she’s never felt happier.


Suitcase of Memories

Grace O Sullivan

P.S. I Love You meets The Perfect Storm - with a classic Irish twist!

In a modern day fairytale, Eve has finally found her prince charming - the delectable Doctor "McRide" Maher. Life, for the first time in ages, is good. Enter highschool sweetheart, Rob, playing the lead role as Eve's best friends lover. She's not happy to see him, and he's even less impressed to see her. What could have happened these two former love birds to make them not stand the sight of eachother? Only Dawn knows the answer to this question, but as fate would have it, a terrible tragedy occurs which turns everyone's lives upside down. Eve and Rob are foced to put their differences aside, for the time being, and lend their support in any way they can.

There are tears and tantrums, births and deaths, good times and bad.... Will friendships and relationships stand the test of time or will jealousy and secrecy tear them apart?

Set in the beautiful and charming city of Cork, Ireland, comes a story of friendship, love, misunderstandings and lies.


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My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

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Thank you so much for backing my book :)

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Thank you, Grace, for backing No Risk, No Reward! Madison

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Hi Grace have commented on your book and when I re-read my comment I ....

Samgriff84 wrote 114 days ago

Hi Grace, I see you had backed my book, did you have a little read an....

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I wrote 311 days ago

Kate, I love this story! I've read as far as chapter 4 and I so want to continue on and see what happens next. I really like that each chapter is written from a different characters perspective, because I feel it allows the reader to bond more with Keira, Noah, and Leigh. The detail you give about t... view book

I wrote 1583 days ago

I absolutely loved it, I have to say! This is superb chick lit. You had me laughing and yet feeling sorry for Jessica at the same time. The little mental thoughts and innuendos are just so right for this story, for the character of Jessica. Even the line; "Can she do 'no strings sex' without running... view book

I wrote 1583 days ago

Lovely prologue. I always wondered what it would be like to write a memoir - it somehow fascinated me and I love what you're done here with yours. The pitch is open and honest and the writing takes on a life of its own the more you read. It's on my shelf. All the best with it ;-) Grace ~ Suitcase o... view book

I wrote 1586 days ago

The detailing and imagery and sense of nature you evoke in your writing is outstanding. It's poetic and leaves the reader in a awe. I liked the symbolism of the fires - how her father's roared up in flames and her's merely smouldered into life. And yet here she is about to embark on a new journey. .... view book

I wrote 1595 days ago

Stacey Stacey! I don't know what to make of her! She's so ditsy but at the same time a fun and lovable character. This is a real girly read, great if you're looking to have a laugh as this certainly delivers in the hunour stakes. Backed! Grace ~ Suitcase of Memories view book

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