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My name is Evangeline. I am a sea clear like my avatar yet, not shallow.

The co-authored Beyond the Mirror is my second novel. Amorgos, which is now retrieved, might return sometime - after serious re-writing!

Beyond the Mirror (former Conclusive) has its first 6 chapters edited and polished. Thank all of you who have contributed with useful crit and ideas. (You might have a look and see how it's improved!) From 7 and on, there's still work to be done. We will upload gradually as we move on with editing.

Your comments and useful crit are always welcome!

I will return all reads, but forgive me for not accepting friend requests, the reason is purely practical.

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Beyond the Mirror

Evon Green

Anna in Greece and Nigel in England face their personal dramas. Coincidence, need, and the Internet bring them beyond country and personal borders.

This novel is co-authored by Belia, and Harehound writing jointly under the nom de plume of Evon Green


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miacia7 wrote 387 days ago

I am done! My book has been edited! Read it, find yourself in my situ....

Neville wrote 609 days ago

Hi, Evon, I would be honored if you could spare some room on your sh....

Iva P. wrote 612 days ago

Thank you both for shelving Fame and Infamy. Your book is now on my W....

Dr. J wrote 639 days ago

Dear Evangeline: :I was horribly but accidentally removed from authon....

Fontaine wrote 640 days ago

Thanks so much. Feeling better this evening. XFontaine.

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I wrote 658 days ago

Having read the first chapter of "Where she Lies" and no matter how hard I might try, I have nothing but positive things to say about it. I am not a native speaker so I don't feel apt to offering useful critique to your prose - however, it just strikes me as remarkable. I dare say your writing... view book

I wrote 671 days ago

You have done an excellent job with the Prologue, I was absolutely hooked. In chapter 1 the whole scene with the bell is also remarkable. However,I must confess that the following scene with Karl and the villagers left me with questions concerning both the overall situation but most importantly... view book

I wrote 720 days ago

Hi again. I've just finished your second chapter and I really, really have to discipline myself to stop reading here -for now- and go about my business (oh, quite a lot!). But I think I will return and read some more everytime I can afford a break. Backed with pleasure. view book

I wrote 884 days ago

An enjoyable reading, beautiful descriptions, a mature voice. I loved the sarcasm and the originality of your observations. All the best, Evangeline B. view book

I wrote 890 days ago

When I came across The Impeccable Editor’s Guide to Writing, I started reading the first chapter with some curiosity, as this is the first book I encountered on the matter. By the time I had finished that first chapter I made myself a cup of tea and eagerly plunged into it, reading all chapters avai... view book

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