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about me

In real life I'm a mother, wife and solicitor and live in Northern Ireland.

I've always been an avid reader and studied English Lit to A-level but had to develop more practical writing skills for my career.

In 2010 I picked up the laptop and started writing a novel. That's how the writing addiction and the dream life began. The one where I can imagine I'm a writer. It led to two novels, the opening of a third, short stories and a blog.

I'll read most genre, am happy to do read swaps and always try to acknowledge and return a read. If I have missed you out please remind me. I'm here to improve my writing so please do not spam me requesting that I read your MS unless you are prepared to offer a read swap.

The Glass House is complete, apart from the never ending editing and was chosen by the Authonomy Editors as One To Watch in March 2014.

Twisted Truth was complete but is going through a rewrite to cut the teenage chapters and change it to third person. It has a new title - Finding Us - with a new element to the story.

Can find me on twitter as: lmc_ni
On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lesa.clarke.37

I blog at http://ciaracassidychatter.blogspot.co.uk/, with novel extracts, short stories and photographs from around Northern Ireland.

favourite books

Terry Pratchett's Discworld series
The Book Thief - Marcus Zusack
The Island - Victoria Hislop
The Ice Cream Girls - Dorothy Koomson
The Secret Life of a Slummy Mummy - Fiona Neill
Too many books to list them all but other authors I've read a lot from include Colin Bateman, Freya North and Marian Keyes.

my websites


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my books

The Glass House

Ciara Cassidy

Her sanctuary and workplace. When a blackmailer finds a use for it, what secrets will Caitlin's glass house cultivate?

Restoring her Victorian glass house, growing her horticultural business and rescuing her crumbling home force Caitlin Maguire into accepting a job offer. As the presenter of a gardening show she thinks she has found a solution to her money worries.

Caitlin's sister, Niamh, is busy revamping her new husband's house. He might be twice her age but he has given her the financial security she has never had. When her step-daughter, Ellie, is expelled from boarding school letting her move in is a price Niamh must pay. After all, what trouble could an eighteen year-old girl give them?

In a village in Northern Ireland, three women are about to discover how far people will go in the pursuit of money.


Finding Us

Ciara Cassidy

Charlotte mourned Mark. She thought she'd buried her past, with their lost love, but some secrets want to be found.

Charlotte's a workaholic solicitor with a phobia to commitment. Her best-friend's pregnancy is a surprise but it brings a bigger shock into Charlotte's life; Mark Porter, her first and only love. He disappeared fourteen years ago and now he wants a second chance. Charlotte's tempted but she has a secret to protect and finding each other could risk revealing it.

Faced with her past and the possibility of losing her best friend, Charlotte will have to decide if love is worth the risk or a pain she doesn't want to remember.


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YvonneMarjot wrote 1 day ago

Hello Ciara, thanks for commenting on Walking on Wild Air. You are....

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The book launch is Monday and it's a madhouse here but things are goi....

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J J Lawson wrote 4 days ago

I will do and thanks ;-)

J J Lawson wrote 4 days ago

Hi and many thanks for your comments; you're the 2nd person to commen....

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I wrote 1 day ago

Hi Yvonne, I found the title, pitch and setting to your story appealing so stopped by for a read. I read the prologue and first four chapters. You are a very capable writer of prose and create atmosphere and setting that places the reader in the setting. It is apparent from the outset that ... view book

I wrote 3 days ago

RCG Review Hi Kelly. I read the 3 chapters you have currently uploaded for this review. Title and pitches: strong suggestion of romance/chick lit. I think you could sharpen the focus of the SP to make it clearer where the conflict is in the story. Is it her unwillingness to trust or that she... view book

I wrote 5 days ago

Sue, living in an animal mad household there is so much in this I can relate to and enjoy. I too have a mad Irish Setter. The first time we risked letting her off on the beach we discovered how difficult it was to keep up with a setter, especially one who likes chasing gulls. If that gull hadn't dec... view book

I wrote 6 days ago

I have read 12 chapters of this so far and can see this being an addictive read. There are times when the POV hops a little and, due the the very narrative driven nature it feels quite introspective and does slip into telling but I think you make it work. It may be partly due to the short, snappy... view book

I wrote 8 days ago

Hi Katie, saw this on the WFCG list and stopped by for a sneak peek. I read three chapters on my phone on a moving bus and would have kept going if could get the screen to stop jiggling around. Apart from a couple of little typos, like ginger instead of finger, this feels polished. It's got a goo... view book

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