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I am a teacher for pay and a writer for fun who seeks to reverse the two.

Many thanks to all the commenters and supporters who helped Forgiveness Fits reach the desk in February 2013. I am working my way through a long list of return reads. I tried my best to track all reads and backers, but I'm sure I've made errors.

* * * Please let me know if I owe you a read. * * *

My English teacher alter-ego, The Grammar Hag, often accompanies me when I read books, particularly in our crit groups. The Hag and I write honest, thorough reviews after reading at least three chapters. We catch typos and missing punctuation and the like. We do not provide ego-massages, unless we feel your book belongs on the shelves of the local bookstore.

While I currently live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, as the child of an actual Brit (my father was born in Glasgow) I am fully bilingual and can read both British and American English. Even so, I've discovered I'm ignorant of any number of British conventions. I do my best.

favourite books

To Kill a Mockingbird
The Bible
The World According to Garp
The Cider House Rules
The Hunger Games
The Outsiders/That Was Then, This is Now
Cold Mountain
Anything by Alice Hoffman

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Audrey Bennett

Heather loves Chris Monahan with all her heart. He loves her, too. Just not in the same way.

Heather doesn't understand why the intense affection she feels for the older boy across the street is unrealistic. When he returns from medical school sick and broken, Heather's boundless love for him breaks down the resistance of his family and persuades them that love doesn't have to be predictable to be powerful.


Forgiveness Fits

Audrey Bennett

Caroline and Paul understand the importance of forgiveness.
Until their enemies do something unforgivable.

Caroline MacDougall longs for acceptance at her new high school, where people have mysteriously yet forcefully rebuffed her attempts at friendship. Football player Paul Corbin doesn’t care what the others think. When he falls for her, she believes her problems might be over.

But the guys who bullied Caroline have something else in mind.

With Paul lying bruised and broken in a hospital room, the victim of a savage beating, Caroline finally knows how far her detractors will go to hurt her. But Paul heals, and his relationship with Caroline grows ever stronger. The two of them find comfort in their love for each other, and prepare to forgive the perpetrators.

And then the bullies do something much worse.

FORGIVENESS FITS is complete at 90,000 words.


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FrancesK wrote 5 days ago

dear Audrey, thank you so much for backing CALLIE. I've been away fro....

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 8 days ago

Audrey, Just so you know, "The North Korean" can be found in its ful....

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Hi Audrey– Would you be interested in a swap read? I write science....

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My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

Lara wrote 18 days ago

Audrey, thanks so much for the reback. Badly needed. See http://bit.l....

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I wrote 227 days ago

Hi, Maeve--a few notes as I read your second chapter for our game. I liked Ch 2 much better than Ch 1 and your pitches. There isn't anything in your pitches that appeals to me (paranormal, vampires, tattoos, violence, slutty boss) and I found Ch 1 utterly disorienting. There's no sense of place, ... view book

I wrote 227 days ago

Hi, EV-- Just a few notes for our game. I'm having a hard time putting my thoughts into words on this one. I wasn't interested in Ch 1 but Ch 2 is somehow a bit more appealing to me. I think I get a better sense of who Sawyer is during the scene with the paramedic. In Ch. 1 I just got a sense of... view book

I wrote 227 days ago

Hi, Mike--a few notes as I read Ch. 2 for our game. I took a few moments to scan Ch. 1 again so that I'd be ready for the second chapter. What struck me this time is the absence of voice. I have no feel for What's personality, no ideas about his attitudes or thoughts. I don't feel a connection... view book

I wrote 227 days ago

Charlotte--just a few notes as I complete Round 2 of our game. I skimmed Ch. 1 again so that I could follow Ch 2 and I wonder about two things: capitalization and verb tenses. You have some words capitalized (frangipani) that I don't think require capitalization and some starting in lc which I ... view book

I wrote 227 days ago

Hi, Charlotte--a few notes as I read your Ch. 2 for our game. Fantasy is totally not my thing and I read it only when it's YA and has become quite popular, so your story challenges me a bit. Yet I feel I'm reading an awful lot of clichés. Firelight dancing in eyes. Relief almost tangible. The... view book

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