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Patrick P. Astre, CFP, EA, RFC

Patrick P. Astre, CFP, EA, RFC is a recognized tax and financial expert specializing on the economic issues of longevity. Patrick is independent and has been advising individuals and corporations since 1969.

Patrick’s second financial book was released in mid-August 2007 by Entrepreneur Media Publishing. It is Entrepreneur’s “cornerstone” retirement book. This is Not Your Parents’ Retirement is all ready one of the top sellers in its field, addressing the convergence of the longevity revolution and the aging baby-boomers, woefully unprepared for retirement.

Patrick has been widely quoted in the national media and his financial articles have appeared in numerous national publications. In addition to his financial books, he is the author of numerous articles as well as fiction thrillers. His novel “The Last Operation” is currently being published by Echelon Press while another thriller, The Artifact won the Salvo Press Mystery Thriller of the year Award for 2004 and was released in July 2005. Blackstone audio has purchased the audio rights and it is now one of their new releases.

Patrick is a professional public speaker and member of the National Speakers Association. His seminars, speeches and keynotes are a lively, enthusiastic mix of entertainment, motivation, humor and unique insights. He uses energy and laughter on the stage, and elicits participation to delight his audiences.

Some of his clients include Celebrity Cruises, John Hancock, Princess Cruises, LIBOR (Long Island Board of Realtors) Passaic Board of Realtors, F & T Life, ING Direct, Emerald Passport International, and many others. He has shared the stage with the likes of Les Brown, Ed Forman, Ross Quinn, Captain Gerald Coffey, and may others. For more information on available programs, please visit his website at

Patrick lives in Long Island, New York with his wife Lynn. The couple has two children and two grandchildren.

Patrick P. Astre, CFP, EA, RFC Astre Planning Inc. Ridge, NY
Phone: 631-744-9100 Fax: 631-209-0066

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All books by Michael Connelly, John Connolly, Dean Koontz, Stephen Hunter, David Baldacci & James Lee Burke

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The Ayatollah is a Michael Jac....

Patrick P. Astre

This is a work of humor, exaggeration, political satire, and mostly fact-free. Remember that all good fiction is built upon a setting of truth.

This is a politically-incorrect work, as factual as a New York Times editorial on Rush Linbaugh is slanted. Here you'll find why Iran's ayatollah is a Michael Jackson fan, how 9/11 interupted Osama bin Laden's plans for a Las Vegas comedy appearance, the story behind the Taliban's late night infomercials, and Afghanistan's nuclear and space program funded by Wal-Mart. There's much more, including Israel's President Netanyahu' proposal to trade Miami Beach for peace in the Middle East and why he'd like to compare penis size with US President Barak Obama.
But its not just foreign affairs, domestic affairs are important too, as Bill clinton used to say. Here readers will find out the real story on how the economic crisis started when Dexter Kissbottom tried to buy a twenty million dollar house on a Coke-Soaker's salary. (Those are the folks who clean Coca Cola bottles for refilling)
We'll move to current headlines on the health care crisis, how parties on both sides lie. We'll get the truth with reports from new congressional committee called Securing Health Insurance Truths or S.H.I.T. with comedian-Senator Al Franken heading the committee as SHIT-Head. Go ahead, give it a try.


In The Eye of the Devil

Patrick P. Astre

Ex-cop protects the sister of a dead friend against a serial killer, deadly cults, gangsters and crooked cops, all seeking a legendary gem.

An ex-cop, tortured by his own demons, is hired to protect the sister of a dead friend finds gangsters, serial murderers, deadly African cults, corrupt law enforcement, all searching for a 3000 years old stolen gem with legendary powers. As the hunt ranges through upstate New York and Louisiana, he will find parts of the answers in his own twisted past and that of the woman he loves.


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