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Dear friends!
It has been a very busy time for me and I am sorry if I was not able to reply to you. I do appreciate so much your input and your comments. Thank you very much! I am in the process of preparing for a new book. It will also be based on real facts and will deal with real issues of life. Below is the information about me:

I was born in the Soviet Union in the family of a military pilot in 1971. I was an army brat and grew up in a small and a very picturesque Georgian town among fantastic foothills of the Caucasian mountains. My father made a great career in the Soviet Air Force coming from a very tough background. His grandfather was executed as a "public enemy" by the Stalin's butchers and the family was oscracized for almost two decades.

I grew up in a good family and quite a well-to-do home. My father retired and my parents moved to Russia. Then the perestroyka changes came. Together with the mass impoverishement and civil wars that broke out in different parts of the former USSR we tasted freedom - freedom of speech and freedom of worship. Being a language student I came to faith in 1991 and witnessed amazing changes in the society.

Having graduated from the university I got involved in Christian ministry and have been functioning in this capacity ever since. My university majors are English and French plus having moved to Ukraine I have learned Ukrainian.

For many years I have been translating and teaching English as my part time occupation. I also started a small publishing. Several years ago I was encouraged to try writing my own books and presented the beginning of what you can read now to my friends. They really encouraged me to continue and so the book was published in the country of Ukraine in the Russian language (majority language here) in 2007.

It was well received both by Christians and non-Christians. In fact, many of my friends and relatives who do not share my Christian values encouraged me to write another book which I have been writing.

I like writing. I have many ideas to put down to paper. The Bible alone has so many great dramatic themes to elaborate on. And those are real stories of people who lived. Besides, I witness so many real life stories that can help people in their daily struggles.

If I earn money on this book I will help the local authors who do not have funds to develop. We are the country of Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and Chekhov and if I can help another person of that quality to rise then I have not eaten my bread for nothing.

favourite books

As sure as the dawn, Francine Rivers
Left Behind, Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
Dark Horse, Ralph Reed
Exodus, Leon Uris
The Nazarene, Sholem Asch
Era of Mercy, Brothers Vainer
This Present Darkness, Frank Peretti
The Visitation, Frank Peretti

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my books

Not unto Death but unto Life

Andrey Yagin

Pastor Alexey Zimin and his Ministry in an ex-Soviet town are the target of terrorist attacks. Who is behind this evil?

Pastor Alexey Zimin lives in an ex-Soviet seaside town of Yuzhnogorsk. He has a great family, a dynamic ministry and loving friends. Everything good in his life is only beginning to happen when serious testings come: a death threat, a murder of a close friend and intimidation. As the area where he lives is on the verge of a revival international assassins begin to terrorize the local population including a growing Moslem minority. They appear to be connected to coup d’etats in Africa and transnational oil corporations. Why Alexey is the target of the enemy’s attacks and who is behind that evil?
Learn for yourselves how this story ends.
All the characters and the plot of this book are fictitious; however, almost all the events described here really took place in various areas of the former Soviet Union and the world.


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