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Hello everyone!

It's been a long time since I've ventured back on here. I've uploaded my latest work Her Sweetest Downfall, a WW2 romance of sorts.

My synopsis isn't great, but I'll post a better one once i get a grip of the story.

Twitter: @kelliewallace85

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Her Sweetest Downfall

Kellie Wallace

At the height of the Blitz, Viola Craft must decide whether to follow her heart or her head.

Twenty five year old Viola Craft lives in London at height of the Blitz. She works at her mother’s clothes shop, making enough money to support her husband who works in the defense rescue crews.

He wants a child, but after years of trying they cannot conceive. Viola's husband puts the blame on her, making her think she is infertile.

One night, her husband violently attacks her, forcing Viola to decide whether her marriage is worth saving. During a bombing raid, she meets German born Kristoff Richter. He's a breath of fresh air, and a friend in a world where she has so few.

But when she falls pregnant with Kristoff's child, the true inner war begins.


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Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 87 days ago

Kellie, How are things with you? I have "The North Korean" in full l....

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This is Mrs. B. If you have a sense of humor please read my story "Mr....

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Kellie, I thought you might be into this new novel about an app th....

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Kellie, Thank you so much for your past comments. They've helped m....

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I wrote 634 days ago

Hi Debbie, sorry for the delay. My husband's surgery went well. Thanks for asking. I have to admit this isn't my genre but I didn't see it as a child's book- more adult/literary. It opens in a great spot- Dillon is watching tv when it suddenly stops, revealing a few health warnings from officials a... view book

I wrote 800 days ago

Very impressive first chapter. You paint the scene very well. Stephanie is a likeable woman and a strong character. The only thing I noticed (and I'm a shocker for this) is the change in pov. You're with Stephanie and then you jump to Tom. In an opening scene like this, you need to make sure what po... view book

I wrote 827 days ago

This is something special. Jules, you capture me as soon as you open the chapter. I found no major typos, errors. If this gets published, I want a copy! view book

I wrote 830 days ago

Elmo, Charles Dupree reads like a Dickens novel. You have a unique style that is stylish and individual. I agree with the commenters, it is an intelligent book. Starred! view book

I wrote 1003 days ago

I backed this because its original, beautifully written and controversial. Can't wait to read more view book

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