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Well, my name is Jessica but everyone I know slurs it into one big mess that comes out sounding like Jesska. I have this overwhelming need to write everything down and travel the world. Maybe someday I can put those things together and escape my dank factory job and the oppressive overcast of Northeast Ohio. (I'm not holding my breath though.)

I'm currently unrepresented as far as literary agents go and have never been published. I'd love to change that though!

The book I have posted here, Life Up High, is a work in progress. I frequently edit and re-edit so it may appear different from the last time you read it!

favourite books

It Happened in Boston? by Russel H. Greenan
Eye by David J. Schow
All things Jane Austen

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I wrote 1501 days ago

Well written, very interested to see where this goes. Backed and good luck! Jessica Barton Life Up High view book

I wrote 1511 days ago

You tell a good tale! I'm interested to see where this goes, I wouldn't be surprised to see it on a bookshelf someday. Back, back, backed. Good luck! Jessica Barton Life Up High view book

I wrote 1514 days ago

Really interested in reading more of this. I think this plot is great and your descriptions are very detailed. I enjoyed it and am happy to back it. Best of luck! Jessica Barton Life Up High view book

I wrote 1514 days ago

I've only had time to read a bit of this but I can tell that the writing is solid and the plot is obviously well thought. Backed with the best of wishes! I have a feeling this will really take off. Good luck! Jessica Barton Life Up High view book

I wrote 1518 days ago

Very interested to see where this goes. Seems like you have an idea prepared. The market for this is big right now, hopefully you can catch on and get it in print! Good luck. Jessica Barton Life Up High view book

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