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My background is in medicine and biology. Being old and full of years I now work from home in the Peak District of Derbyshire, collecting local folktales and writing stories.

I've had two fiction books published: a collection of short stories called "Rope Trick: Thirteen Strange Tales", and a sort-of-crime-novel called "Perilaus". There are details of both on my AuthorTree website.

The cover design for "Overlooked" is by Yolanda Christian. She has the Eye of an Artist in more than one sense!

favourite books

A lot of 19th century British, French and Russian classics; among modern authors I particularly enjoy Atwood, Barnes, Ishiguro and McEwan. Nabokov and Eco remain among my favourite novelists.

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Mark P. Henderson

An archetypal English village is overturned by Britain's surveillance society, and lives are destroyed by the government's anti-terror legislation.

A mysterious visitor to the English village of New Amber secures work in Westminster for Pam, a single mother. Brilliant though embittered, Pam falls in love with a gifted senior civil servant who is passionate about individual freedom. The enigmatic ‘EPS’ seems to have engineered their affair.

An inner London gangster is entrapped by one of her victims. He persuades her to rescue the daughter of New Amber's senior school teacher from a protest march that turns violent – but why?

A government adviser manipulates the local council into piloting the National Identity Card Scheme in New Amber; misfortunes befall everyone who objects.

A Muslim medical student is arrested for hanging a poster in her bedroom; her family is put under surveillance.

These various chains of events, narrated in turn by the characters involved, are drawn together with devastating consequences for a way of life and the people who live it. But who is pulling the strings?

Welcome to 21st century Britain. Your safety and security are our overriding concern. You will always be watched. For your own good.


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Hello Mr. Henderson: "An Unfinished Innocence" explores adulterous....

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I wrote 1718 days ago

Mary, every time I read more of "Liminality" I'm captivated anew by the beautiful imagery and the magical quality of the prose. I really want this book to be published so that I can buy copies for myself and my daughters, at least one of whom will love it as much as I do. I've said so much previo... view book

I wrote 1730 days ago

I now visit Authonomy only occasionally - I don't have time to read postings properly. But I saw your message a day or two ago and thought I should look at your revised (and happily complete) version of "Flash in the Sun". In general you write with a good narrative pace, the dialogue is natural d... view book

I wrote 1758 days ago

A complaint: chapter 9 is missing in action and chapters 10 and 13 are identical. Great heavens, what a piece of work this is. You write magnificently. The characters are utterly convincing and we're told just enough of their troubled histories to wrench our hearts. Amber in particular is a terri... view book

I wrote 1758 days ago

The underlying idea for this book is splendid and the writing style is beautiful: deceptively simple, but with a number of telling phrases and an undercurrent of humour that are essential to make it readable. The mediocre man living a humdrum life in a futuristic dystopia is an inherently depressing... view book

I wrote 1759 days ago

Michael - I've finally found the time to read your novella, and what a delight it is. The story is compassionate without sentiment, revealing intimate feelings without making any reader (irrespective of proclivity) uncomfortable, and the narrative pace is superbly controlled. The style is perfectly ... view book

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