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tone099 wrote 34 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

Susan Boyes wrote 120 days ago

Hi, I'm Susan writer of A.O.V. Angel of Vengeance a supernatural reli....

Kevin Bergeron wrote 121 days ago

Thanks for backing Cat's Eye! Much appreciated. Kevin

blueboy wrote 121 days ago

thanks for the backing. you are a scholar and a gentleman

JJ Palooka wrote 314 days ago

Thank you so much for your support. Means a lot to me. -- Brandt

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I wrote 314 days ago

I love your writing. Innovative and exciting. Look forward to reading more of this. view book

I wrote 421 days ago

This is truley brilliant. I love the style so much I couldn't stop reading. You have a good storyline and some raelly good characters with excellent descriptions. More than happy to sshelve this. view book

I wrote 948 days ago

Terrific stuff. Backed. view book

I wrote 948 days ago

Bloody great, mate. view book

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