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about me

"Nothing too special about me. Old white woman from a small town full of old white women." Charlea Carter, The Woman From E.A.R.L.

In the same way, I'm just a normal person who wrote a story that normal people might want to read.
I live in Kentucky but grew up in West Virginia. This is my first book. My characters, Emily Anne, Ida, and Charlea along with Alden, say what I've wanted to say for many years now, entwined in a story which I hope you'll find an entertaining, meaningful read.
I hope you will take a look at "The Woman from E.A.R.L." I will take the time to look at some of your books as well. Thanks, and nice to meet you all!


favourite books

Dostoevsky, Brothers Karamazov, Crime and Punishment,
Tolstoy, Anna Karenenina, War and Peace
C S Lewis, Till We Have Faces
Kathryn Stockett, The Help
G K Chesterton, Orthodoxy, The Everlasting Man
Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner
Clyde Edgerton, Walking Across Egypt
Philip Yancey, The Jesus I Never Knew
Dan Fesperman, The Arms Maker of Berlin
J K Rowling, The Harry Potter Series
Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games Trilogy

my websites

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyPDp5ZTnGc&feature     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFR3Lz8PYVs&feature

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my books

The Woman from E.A.R.L.

Georgia Peck

Emily takes a stand against spiritual abuse in the church and rediscovers her faith along the way.

Grief-stricken Emily has had enough of Mainard Bible Church. If Jane isn't trying to pry information out of her about her spiritual condition, Alicia's busy telling her what “the Lord said.” The new pastor has left, but not before dividing the congregation. Now Emily’s best friend, Ida, won’t talk to her, and reading the Bible for herself only makes things worse. She's lost her husband and her faith. She's not coming back.

Emily starts a chat room and blog called EARL, a place where people share their stories of spiritual abuse, stories she finds deeply moving. Soon, she’s in over her head and recruits the help of Alden Daniels, a counselor and minister. There’s an instant spark between Emily and Alden, one she’d rather ignore.

But Mainard is in trouble again. Soon, Emily finds herself fighting spiritual abuse face-to-face, next to her old friends, and not just in a chat room.

With the support of Alden, a new friend, Charlea, her old friend, Ida, and a dog named Rowdy, Emily slowly learns to live again.


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I wrote 570 days ago

Read the first three chapters, then skipped to chapter 10. I found the characters likeable, but I wanted more. I wanted to feel more about Juan's journey and how he arrived in that cardboard box. Rich's character could be explored and expanded. What is his personal life and what motivated him to... view book

I wrote 644 days ago

I read through the first three chapters. Lovely, sad story, told from the perception of a very young boy, trying to deal with the death of his mother, something he can't possibly comprehend or deal with at his young age. You've captured the emotions of the young boy beautifully. Highly starred an... view book

I wrote 654 days ago

Read through chapter 5 this evening and really enjoyed reading this memoir of your life. I lived in a town where they baked bread. Heiners bread factory was in our town, and every Wednesday night I could smell the aroma of freshly baked bread on my way to church. Brought back memories. You mig... view book

I wrote 687 days ago

Read through chapter 21 this evening. LOVED IT! The only thing I would change is in chapter one, where you say Caroline is a stranger in a strange land...then immediately you follow that with an account of how Chase and Nick are standing near the heater watching her, intimidating her...in their us... view book

I wrote 690 days ago

This is a great story. I've had similar thoughts about the Nephilim and that verse in Genesis...about the ancient Greek legendary gods....and how they might tie into this verse, but I never thought about why God wanted to destroy all of mankind, how that might figure into it. I will read on... ... view book

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