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I have been making up stories since I was a small child and the passion to create them has only gotten stronger with age. My dream probably like many on here is to become a fully published author.

I can think of new ideas easily, its finishing them off that is the biggest problem for me. i have lots of started stories, very few finished ones. i find that just as i am getting into writing one book i have a new idea and that steals my focus and its all i can think about, so i start a new one, till the next idea comes along, its a vicious cycle

favourite books

I like horror, sci-fi, fantasy or anything truly weird, some of my favourites are:-
Bloody Crazy and Vampyrrhic Series - Simon Clark
The Deathstalker Series and The Nightside Series - Simon R green
Cell and Dark Tower Series - Stephen King
Discworld series - Terry Pratchett

my websites

http://rustyswriting.weebly.com/index.html     https://twitter.com/Col_Fran

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my books


Colin Frankel

He had no idea when he opened up his shop that morning, that he would end up mixed up in a revolution

Clive Burchell, full time mercenary and part time pawn shop owner went through a horrific event ten years ago in which he lost his entire family and his face was horrifically scared. Since then he has been working as a mercenary and trying to find out who was responsible for the event with the help of Naomi a communications expert and Zoe his young headstrong apprentice. One day two terrified strangers run into his shop escaping from the royal guards. Clive decides to help them, not knowing that he would end up getting involved in a rebellion against a tyrannical king in which he would go head to head with a sociopathic royal officer and finally learn the truth about the event ten years ago


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I wrote 690 days ago

Hello Sarah Your opening line is hilarious, it makes the reader wake up and take note straight from the start. I think your premise is brilliant and the way you have shown the segmented society is intriguing. I have read the first three chapters and my curiosity has increased. I want to keep going.... view book

I wrote 691 days ago

Hello Sharda I just read up to chapter ten, I'm not sure if you know this or not but three and four do not work, I just got an error message when trying to look at them. I have to admit I don't normally read books like this, but I found Ruby's story so compelling I had to keep going once I started.... view book

I wrote 691 days ago

Hello Patio Wow, that is powerful writing, it's so well written and a compelling read. A publisher has to pick this up so this story can be heard. Best of luck view book

I wrote 691 days ago

Hello Tod I think this story is brilliant and inventive, I can see kids loving it, I especially like the bit where he holds the rope politely for the guards while they tie him up and the saying his mother taught him. "If bad things happen, good things must follow." Your bad guy Mortimer is seriousl... view book

I wrote 693 days ago

Flaming bits rained down... then what happend? Hi Aelius First off, the line "it takes fear to be brave instead of foolish." Brilliant. I also like the way most of the chapters start with "in which there is.." I think this is a great story I like the premise of it and I genuinely feel for Harper... view book

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