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I live in County Cavan in Ireland and work with young people at risk in a residential education project. I'm fairly new to writing fiction and have only made any serious efforts during the last two or three years.

My first, and so far only novel is 'Cured' some of which is up on this site (it is on sale in full on Amazon, Smashwords and various other places). It deals with the aftermath of an infection which turns its victims into zombie-like monsters. Specifically, it explores what happens when the infected are cured - how they come to terms with what they have done and how the uninfected survivors treat them. So it is a 'zombie story', but one with complex characters who are confronted by real personal, social and political dilemmas.

I have just uploaded the first twelve chapters of a revised version of Cured. Some of the changes are a response to comments made on this site.

My second book here is quite different, and much shorter. It is a collection of short stories set in modern Ireland, mostly about people who are socially excluded or marginalised. Some of the stories are intended to be darkly humorous, others are just dark.

I'd love one of my books to eventually end up on the Editor's Desk, but I'm not inclined to take a strategic approach to getting them there. I'll comment on your book if you comment on mine, but I'll only say it is good if I really think it is. I'll also comment on anything else I come across that I find interesting and don't I necessarily expect you to reciprocate.

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Dave Farrington

Cured of the Infection, their problems are only beginning. They face an epic struggle for their rights, their freedom, and even their lives.

George is one of the first to be cured. He still looks like one of the infected, but no longer hungers for human flesh.

He needs to find out what happened to his family. They may have survived. They may be infected. They may be dead. And if they are dead, it's likely he killed them.

George's search for the truth is obstructed by the hordes of infected, the militarised state and the fascistic Survivors League. His struggle for personal redemption becomes inextricably bound up with the fight for freedom for the cured.

Eventually, supported by a small group of cured and some enlightened survivors, he begins to see some hope for a new kind of community emerging from the carnage. But freedom will not be easily attained. And the killing is far from over.


Feed the Birds and Other Stori....

Dave Farrington

Five short stories and a very short play, set on the margins of contemporary Irish society. Some darkly humorous, some just dark. Strong language throughout.

Feed the Birds - title from the movie, Mary Poppins, but there isn't much sweetness in this story about an old woman plagued by over-sexed teenagers and delinquent children.

As Ireland plunged into recession, the last government briefly succeeded in diverting attention away from the real issues with a proposal to outlaw stag hunting. Riders imagines how rural Ireland responded to this bizarre political opportunism.

Tigers - a week in the life of a young Dublin family. Hangovers, DVDs, secondhand golf clubs, coffee tables, flat-screen TVs, cancer, broken lifts, barbecues and Dublin Zoo.

He's too old to for a coming of age story and too young for a mid-life crisis, but there are elements of both in Paidraig's First Car, as he attempts to compensate for his social and physical awkwardness by finding a car which will make him more attractive to women.

Grow Fins - inspired by the eponymous Captain Beefheart song and incorporating the legendary dobhar-chú.

The Secret Billionaire - likely to cause offence. But then the concept of a TV programme that gets very rich people to give away insignificant amounts of money to very poor people is pretty offensive, too.


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