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For those who enjoyed THE PURPLE MORROW, it's now available in paperback and ebook on Amazon! Find it at:


A huge thank you to everyone who has supported my books, THE EAGLE'S GIFT, THE PURPLE MORROW and the sequel, WOLF'S BANE (chapters have been uploaded! Feel free to read and send me some good, constructive feedback).

I owe a huge thanks to my husband, who made all three of my awesome book covers. :)

My backing policy is simple: I back books I like, and I refresh my shelf at least once a month. I enjoy reviewing, but please note I am HONEST since I feel that kind of feedback is the most helpful.

Agents and publishers interested in discussing the book or any of my other work (see web address below), can contact me at:


I can also be found on Twitter at @PurpleMorrow or on Google+

Thank you in advance to anyone who chooses to back any of my books.

favourite books

Atwood: The Blind Assassin, Surfacing, The Edible Woman and others
Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion
Herbert: Dune series
Lewis: The Space Trilogy, Chronicles of Narnia
Card: Ender's Game
Bradbury: The Illustrated Man
Many, many others

my websites

http://www.droppedpebbles.wordpress.com     https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18667470-the-p

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my books

The Purple Morrow-Book 1

Dyane Forde

The Rovers had been sent to decimate the Southernlands. Instead they awoke its saviour.

Ten years have passed since the Rover army tore through the Southernlands, leaving behind a trail of devastation and death. Most believed the attacks were random acts of brutality. The wise, however, knew the truth: the Rovers sought to destroy the one thing powerful enough to thwart their conquest. They were searching for the Papilion.

A new commander bent on completing the mission left unfinished by their predeccesors, leads the Rovers back into the Southernlands. Fierce and determined, he comes armed with a precious artefact and a secret purpose.

While the Southernlands reel under the new terror, the Purple Morrow, harbinger of hope, appears to Jeru, an unsuspecting and solitary clan hunter. Finding himself enmeshed in a series of incredible events beyond his control, Jeru is compelled to take the first steps towards discovering his ultimate destiny.


Wolf's Bane-The Purple Morrow ....

Dyane Forde

Jeru races to discover the secret of the Papilion. Kelen wants revenge. When they meet again, only one will be left standing.

The Purple Morrow has been destroyed. The Northmen are pushing even harder to conquer the Southernlands. Kelen, the former Rover commander, is on the loose and is nearly driven mad by thoughts of revenge. And Jeru, newly wed and desiring to finally settle into a simple life, is forced to accept that his work as the Papilion has only just begun.

Hoping to find the one man who can instruct and guide him, Jeru heads to the Badlands. Kelen, now a lonely wanderer, is making way back into North Country to settle an old score. Both men are still raw from the wounds left behind after their last encounter. When their paths finally do cross, tragedy strikes and Jeru is faced with a terrible choice, the results of which will affect not only him but the rest of the world.


The Eagle's Gift

Dyane Forde

Darkness is consuming the land of Nardin. It will take the love of two very special people to defeat it.

Evil has found its way into the realm of Nardin. The once beautiful land, the last beacon of hope to a dying world, teeters on the brink of destruction.

Princess Charlotte has long witnessed the wrecking of her homeland from behind the glass walls of the castle. Nothing her father, the King, has tried has been able to lift the curse from their land. In a last desperate attempt to save her people, Charlotte appeals to her father. She begs his permission to seek assistance from the mysterious Avians, a lordly race of eagles who in times past came to the aid of men. Knowing that what she asks is dangerous and fearing for her safety, the king sends Charlotte away. However, destiny calls one day when the Eagle King himself visits the princess, offering her the chance to do what she desires more than anything--to save Nardin. Assisted by an steadfast eagle companion, Charlotte sets out to break the curse besetting her land, braving danger, self doubt, and the threat of falling in love, while revealing a surprising yet marvelous mystery along the way.


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Isaiah Timothy wrote 3 days ago

Sure. Would appreciate your comments.

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 3 days ago

Dyane, Just so you know, "The North Korean" can be found in its full....

Isaiah Timothy wrote 4 days ago

Any comments on my book? Godly Life. Reality or Myth?

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I'm on Google and Facebook, but don't do much promotion there. I thin....

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My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

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I wrote 321 days ago

I really enjoyed reading this story, I think mostly because of the flipping back and forth between English and Spanish. It creates a unique element. :) Jazmin's backstory is sad and I wanted nothing more than for her to be happy. To me, that's a sure sign that you have managed to make the reader con... view book

I wrote 321 days ago

There are some lovely descriptions here. I loved the one, '...like stars, I was born to die' and ...'reaching for my life in slow motion...' Very powerful and moving. I also appreciated your descriptions of the doldrums of the MC,s life, his work, etc. The only thing that struck me as odd was the ab... view book

I wrote 332 days ago

Hi Keiran, Sorry it's taken so long to get to your book, but here I am at last. So I read chapter one and took a few notes as I read. My initial reaction is that for a first chapter, this is a whole lot of information and exposition (explaining, in case exposition isn't the right term) to throw at... view book

I wrote 399 days ago

This is a nice, smooth read filled with deep emotion. The opening line of the Prologue is great, as are the characaterisations and the tension you create between the two women. The one thing I noticed was that at one or two points, the POV switches from Belinda to the mother (might be nice to know h... view book

I wrote 399 days ago

Hi, This is an interesting idea. I like the banter between the brothers and I like the idea of hearing more about the Nephelim, whom we don't often hear much about. One thing I found while reading, was that the paragraph explaining the brothers' origins seems to be oddly placed. I wondered if it mi... view book

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