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***Hello. Not about much on here at the mo, so I'm not a good pick if you're looking for a return read or coherent constructive comments, I'm afraid. But then that's also probably true when I am around too.***

Dad of one, and husband of two.

No hang on, sorry no, I mean the other way around. I live in Ireland, not Utah...

Very excited to say that my first novel, Dan Taylor is Giving Up On Women, is to be published by Harlequin's Carina UK on 16 September 2013! (It can be found here: http://goo.gl/CPY6DI). I'd like to say a big thank you to readers and writers on here, particularly the women's fiction/chick-lit crowd, who helped me work out the kind of novel I'd written, and provided advice and help on how I could make it better.

I'm still working on my second, a couples comedy called, Occupied (which was a finalist in the Novelicious Undiscovered Chick-Lit novel competition).

favourite books

Trying to think of favourite books always makes my mind go blank, so here's some authors that popped into my head:

Roddy Doyle, Anne Tyler, Stuart McClean, Garrison Keillor, Marian Keyes, Richard Russo, Richard Asplin, John Irving, John O'Farrell, Stephen King, and Nick Hornby.

Quite a few of my favourite writers don't actually write books, (Woody Allen, Aaron Sorkin, David E Kelly...) and
I think it's these guys I'm really trying to write most like...

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Neal Doran

An expecting couple struggle to stay afloat while life accumulates. Together they battle public scandal, imminent birth, unexpected death, and endless trips to Mothercare.

Rebecca and James are pregnant.

As Rebecca’s head fills with dreams of ice-cream and pregnancy yoga, and James looks forward to nursery shopping at IKEA, they thought reports of a first grandchild would be the biggest surprise of Christmas. Rebecca’s dad trumped them though, with the news of his arrest -- for cottaging in a tube station toilet.

A pillar of his community, Howard is denying the charges and is pursuing a publicity campaign to clear his name -- a campaign boosted through an unlikely alliance with James's hippy-ish parents.

His parents’ involvement reminds James of being a child in a house where there was always a cause more important than him, and he's doubting he’ll know how to be a good father. But he can’t talk to Rebecca about it, as a scandal in his own past is threatening his future.

Rebecca doesn’t know what to believe, and what it means if the charges are true. It’s as bewildering to her as her mum, Penny, who seems more concerned about Rebecca’s baby clothes making a comeback than her husband’s sexuality.

Can the couple face up to the fact that parents are people too?


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I wrote 715 days ago

Just had a quick read of this and think it's excellent! Really like Hal growling from his mancave ...the traffic light description of the friends...having a 'specific'...Loads of great stuff, and I hope you keep going with it. And soon! view book

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Hi there, this is my romance writers crit group review. I’ve read 3 chapters, but I expect I’ll keep going -- you’ve written a really entertaining story with some great ideas and a brilliant situation. If the rest is like the start it deserves to do really well... 1) Pitch. Now, I wanted to r... view book

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Hi there, this is my RCG Review. Hope it’s useful... First off I’d like to say you’ve created a really endearing character with Lizzie, and having read the posted extracts I already care about what’s going to happen to her – and what’s happened in her past. 1) Pitch. For me, I’d have liked a l... view book

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Hi Jo, Im only a couple of chapters in, but already the story is developing really nicely. I wondered if Lexi was going to be a bit of a wimp from the start, particularly putting up with that swine of a husband, but since he's gone she seems to be toughening up a bit and the cafe idea is great. ... view book

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