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Here he is ladies and gentlemen, David Rempel, born in Oregon, raised in Alaska and a five year veteran of the armed forces. He's been writing since he was twelve years old and telling himself stories while he goes to sleep since he was five, always dreaming of some day sharing those stories with the world.

The two stories I have up have received generally good reactions, and I hope the one I'm currently trying to endorse, Finders, will continue to rise in popularity.

Please back Finders! Don't back Traveler!

Finders is meant to be fun and a great moral lesson resource for kids. Come, read, have fun, laugh your head off at the goofy character of Jessica and let your heart be warmed by the strength the bonds between the characters. The need to have characters constantly some how be seen as “saving the world” is replaced with characters saving one person. This is meant to teach kids and even grown ups that being a hero is about doing what you can to help others, not doing things that are larger than life.

Traveler is basically a team effort. It's meant to be a compilation story of many different universes created by myself and other writers. DO NOT BACK TRAVELER! I don't want to see people wasting backing slots on a story that is not intended to be published. It can't be published because if it eventually has as many writers allowing me to use their worlds as I envision, there will be no way to properly share credit or profit. It's just for fun!


I am also looking for new worlds for my character Joshua, in the Traveler of the Mists series, to travel to. Right now I'm looking for a fantasy themed world with a lead character who can enchant weapons or unleash hidden potential.

current read schedule:

Full reads to do
Vamgel (Can't find)
(waiting) African Adventures of Flame, Family, Furry and Feathered Friends
The Stuttering Bard of York
Famous After Death
Lovely Dark Fallen
The Maia Calendar
Paladin Academy: First Semester Magic
The Forgotten Fairytale
The Diver's Brilliant Bow

Four chapter reads:

Next: The Secret of Netley Abbey
Charles & Yasmina Knightley
Next: The bed next to mine
Alice Barron
Orphan of Greenwich Village

yes, I keep my commitments

Stories I've read that are ready for the editor's desk:

Savannah Fire by Alan Chaput
Magic of the Frogs by JJ Maro
The Lost Wink by Todd Schneider
The Master Mage Trilogy: Awakening by Z. Z. Ali

favourite books

Sherlock Holmes (Originals)
any decent comic
Magic Kingdom of Landover series
Dragon Riders of Pern series
Oliver Twist

my websites

http://dannyjray.blogspot.com/     http://torkuda.deviantart.com/gallery/33513856

HarperCollins is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

my books

Phantom Wolf: Hero Syndrome

David James Rempel

The Beyonders say they chose Daniel to save earth from a horde of creatures from beyond the galaxy. But should they be believed?

The Beyonders kidnapped Daniel and seed him with powers in a test to find if he is worthy to join them in a battle with the evil Chorons. They seed several criminals with super powers in order that he might fight them and prove himself to be worthy of the honor of ascending to their level. That's the official story anyway. Things begin to unravel when two Marines turn up whom also have super powers, but the origin of these powers is a complete mystery. Daniel is supposed to fight alone, but Dylan and Jeremiah refuse to abandon him. Both Marines refuse to believe the Beyonders' stories, at least not without some kind of proof, and refuse to see any logic in their methods. If the Beyonders are right everyone should stand down and let them test Daniel, as time for the earth is running out. If the Marines are right, the people of earth should ban together, as the only aliens hurting any human so far that we know of, are the Beyonders themselves, and whatever the Beyonders really are, they're powerful.


Finders: The Case of Thomas Cr....

David Rempel

Werewolves! Vampires! Pharaohs?
Join our heroes as they try to rescue young Thomas, while moving through secret societies of monsters and men.

Missing: Thomas Crain, age 9
Missing: Jessica’s mind, age 140

Young Kyle, the son of the president of an entire planet, the most feared in the known galaxy, has come to earth to hide from a rebellion on his home world. He is accompanied by his body guard, a girl named Jessica with power unparalleled among their kind.

Jessica, being a tad on the crazy side, drags her charge to a police station and grabs the photo of the first kid she sees and begins obsessing over finding him. Nothing odd about that, right? Now the pair embark on a journey, desperate to figure out why they’re on said journey, and to find the lost Thomas, respectively. Worse yet, they’re only 100 and 140 years old, mere children! Well at least they look like mere children, and by their race’s standards they’re just that. Now they must fight corrupt cops, monsters and even powerful organizations to find one lost child they’ve never met. In the end, both fear they could lose the other, but neither will give up this mission. They must find Thomas… but why?


Traveler of the Mists: What I ....


Young Joshua travels through dimensions fighting Yellow Eyes in a desperate attempt to save all of existence.

Thirteen-year-old Joshua finds a mysterious message on a lost iPad. When he goes to the address it gives, he is confronted by a strange computer that sends him on a journey crossing universes trying to defeat a terrifying entity known only as “Yellow Eyes”. Yellow Eyes corrupts and eventually destroys whole universes for unknown reasons and may soon consume all dimensions, including Joshua’s. Joshua bears the only weapons that can harm the entity, and is accompanied by a growing band of allies including a fifth dimensional being of immense power, a demon and a creature known as a Grandmaster.

This will be an experimental series, in which Joshua will enter worlds created by several different writers, each credited in turn. However don’t let the word “experimental” fool you. This is a story FIRST and a writing experiment second. The story arc will be much like a comic series and will be worth following.

WARNING: Do not be fooled by the age of our protagonist. The style of this story is in flux, but will tend towards a darker feel and tone. Graphic violence and scenes that will make you wet the bed abound.


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I wrote 217 days ago

WARNING: This is a rough draft for a comic book and for now I'm only putting it up here to protect the text version. Read it if you like, but it may not be updated much if at all. view book

I wrote 349 days ago

I sincerely enjoyed this story and will write the review a little later. For now here are my closing thoughts. You read Traveler (and I still hope you meant that you'll read Finders, since Traveler is only up for fun) and commented that you thought the story didn't feel very serious given the age of... view book

I wrote 350 days ago

On chapter 25. I caught a few grammar errors here and there in these last chapters, you'll want to look at them. Here's a few examples. Jess gave Ernie a black look over her shoulder cH 21 (black look?) ernie climb in after Jess (climbed) ch 23 well I'm not a strapping young man who ... view book

I wrote 357 days ago

I just past chapter 15. Having read a little further and upon reflection, I have to discount one of my earlier comments. Jess has been highly suspicious of Ernie from the get-go and she has been questioning him. So never mind on my stating that no one was acting suspicious. Really this story ... view book

I wrote 358 days ago

YARG review... I guess? Really I'm here because we agreed to look at each other's stories long before I joined YARG. Also, as agreed, I'm not either looking to stop after just chapter four, right now I'm on chapter ten and will be reading to the end of the story. Anyway, I couldn't comment bef... view book

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