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MY POLICY. If you take the time to ask/spam me to review your book, know that I won't unless you have the courtesy to do the same for me. My time is valuable and I imagine yours is too. YA and Romance is my preferred genre's and yes, some naughtiness too, but I'll venture outside of my preference if I find something catchy. ~(シ)

I hate winter! Snow Blows!! I Love spring and summer. I'd like fall better if winter didn't come after! The only good thing about being cooped up on freezing, icy, snowy, gloomy frigid winter days--I can create my own world of warmth.

Writing is something everyone should do. It brings out our colorful side.

About my writing... What can I write, what can I write, what can I write! AHA! The mental idea is triggered and the plotting begins. I never start with Chapter 1, but always somewhere in the middle, working whichever way the story flows.

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Of Love and Deception

MH Dean

Love, lies and jealousy threaten Daniella and Cruz's happily ever after when a much wanted conception turns to deception.

Daniella's life was on track after she met the wonderful Cruz Canton, who'd wooed, charmed, and had something delivered to her workplace daily. He didn’t give up until she finally agreed to go on a date with him. Sure, he was handsome, delicious even. Okay! He was damn hot. And he'd asked her to marry him.

Meg and Falcon Landers, longtime friends of Cruz and Daniella's, were like family. Trust was never an issue ... or was it? Daniella would soon learn the truth about them and her beloved Cruz Canton. A man she no longer knew. Daniella was left with disturbing questions—How did her life turn into this disaster—why now? They were finally pregnant. Their best friends were the reason she was able to conceive Cruz’s much wanted child, but they were now the knife that twisted in Daniella’s heart.

Daniella refused to give up until she got the answers she deserved. If Meg and Falcon couldn't explain this disaster, why her marriage was in shambles, she'd get the answers one way or another. She’d get more than she bargained for and left with a deeper, darker question. Who’s child was inside of her?



MH Dean

A simple getaway.
A terrible accident.
A new love and a new life.
And then Morgan Masters woke up in hell.

Morgan Masters came out of a coma screaming for people that didn't exist. When the good doctor went on to tell her it was nothing more than a psychological retreat, she started to open her mouth, but thought better of it. To continue on would surely give her a first class ticket to a straight jacket and white padded walls.

Instead, she listened and nodded like a good little patient and rationalized that no one would believe her anyway, so what was the point of explaining?

After several weeks of playing mind games with the doctors, they finally released her from the hellhole. And now, in the comfort of her own home, she was free to start her journey—her search for the hidden paradise and the people she loved, or face the unwanted reality that insanity has taken possession of her.


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I wrote 748 days ago

Fast paced action scenes with obvious knowledge of history.There were areas with a lot of narrative, but well executed and necessary. The writing is clear. Grammatically correct. Sentence structure, paragraphs, dialogue and general pace/flow is balanced and reads smoothly; keeping the reader engaged... view book

I wrote 749 days ago

Ü Sounds like a great read, Kenneth! I'll dive in tomorrow (already up too late!) and give you my first round of comment after chapter 1. Melisa Finding Forever Of Love and Deception view book

I wrote 749 days ago

Not sure why chapters 2-4 are all coupled in with chapter 2? Anywho. Read all of it and yes, definitely Erotica. Do you plan on finishing this? As a novel or a novella? I'd have to believe a novella would be more suitable for this type of genre. Otherwise we'll be worn out from squeezing our kne... view book

I wrote 749 days ago

Chapter 1 ... SO naughty, but so good! A few edits needed, but that's easy enough. The main idea is to draw the reader in and you've done that in the first chapter. Bravo! On to chapter 2 Melisa Finding Forever Of Love and Deception view book

I wrote 753 days ago

Tit for Tat view book

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