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I enjoy dark fantasy, and mythological/pastoral fantasy. I adore wordplay and unconventional writing structures.

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Eponymous Rox wrote 662 days ago

Hey my friend, I’m pretty sure you commented on and/or backed the fir....

The Knowledge wrote 711 days ago

Hi RLepre, Try reading my book 'The Knowledge : Book 1 - The Childre....

Davidmauriceware wrote 720 days ago

I really need some more support. At the current my book A True Thug W....

Narcissus wrote 745 days ago

Hi, Richard, I noticed you have Scott Toney on your shelf. He's been....

Davidmauriceware wrote 783 days ago

Hello Gifted writer, I would like to invite you to come and read my n....

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I wrote 903 days ago

Jennie, I enjoyed the chapters you have up, though I have to admit I'm not very familiar with romantic thrillers. My best guess is that the genre is about making difficult choices and sacrifices for love. That seems to be the crux of your conflict where I assume Jessie is going to have to choos... view book

I wrote 910 days ago

I believe this to be one of the most publisher-ready of the stories I've read on here. The background is very sound, I find myself swept up and going with the technical descriptions of the geography and the dynasty. You don't overwhelm the reader with technical terms or locations, but at the same ... view book

I wrote 1282 days ago

Joel, You've done a good thing in following a traditional heroic journey from what I've seen so far. It may be formulaic, but the reason it is formulaic is because it works so well, and it definitely is not a bad thing. A lot of people can relate to that everyman hero formula, and you'll draw i... view book

I wrote 1283 days ago

This may be one of the smoothest pieces I've read on authonomy. I liken it to a clever spin on some versions of the Faustian tales, if Faust were a thirty year old female writer. You've found the perfect material to write about for this website, since every single writer here can relate to the sit... view book

I wrote 1284 days ago

Rebecca: I found myself engaged in the beginnings to your story, and I am certain to say I would like to see where it evolves from here past the first six chapters. I cannot offer too much in terms of feedback because I don't know where the elements of the story are going to go yet, but your set... view book

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