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Zima Scribes is Online contains erotic material and lots of deliberate typos.

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Zima Scribes is Online

Radek Sass

A deception that elevates us is dearer than a host of low truths.

Welcome to the crazy roleplaying virtual world known as Gor.
Zima Scribes is a member of a panther tribe, a community of huntresses of the forest who live off the land and keep male slaves. Their camp is constantly under threat from outlaws, assassins and male warriors from the cities. Zima though loves her life – until Radek Sass arrives, a sinister dark figure who informs Zima he is going to kill her in real life.


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Branestawm's cat wrote 12 days ago

Thanks for supporting Jack Coq.

Laurence Howard wrote 111 days ago

Happy New Year to all fellow authonomites! I have recently published....

Susan Boyes wrote 121 days ago

Hi, I'm Susan writer of A.O.V. Angel of Vengeance a supernatural reli....

Brian Talgo wrote 140 days ago

Åh Ra Ra!

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Many thanks for the backing Ra Ra

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I wrote 896 days ago

Got my bedtime reading for tonight. view book

I wrote 1355 days ago

One of the aspects I most enjoy about Stonefish is everything it leaves out. Because often these are the things we feel the absence of in the modern world. The dialogue is all sassy eloquent rat-a-tat-tat, like catchy songs. No one says what in their heart of hearts they feel. Everyone is reacting t... view book

I wrote 1356 days ago

Lots of fine artistry in this. The three chapters I did were a pleasure to read. view book

I wrote 1356 days ago

Fabulous read. I really enjoyed this. view book

I wrote 1357 days ago

I’ve read six chapters of this and to my mind it’s without doubt one of the most exciting books here. The observed detail, the witty sharp precision with which it’s described, almost always carries the thrill of an epiphany. There’s a rich vibrant intimacy to every scene that suggests an event fresh... view book

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