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I've been writing novels for over four years now. I am currently trying to get my current novel, ReSpawn, published and I am writing a new novel right now, that I hope people will enjoy.

favourite books

John Dies at the End by David Wong
The Dark Tower series by Stephen King
The Nightside series by Simon R Green
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

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ReSpawn: Danny Dies

Bryce Docherty

What if someone could resurrect after death just like in a video game? This book explores this idea and then some.

Daniel Trent is left for dead. He is cold, he is scared and he is alone, but not for long. “What if you could never die?” a stranger asks. The mysterious man seems to have appeared out of thin air. He offers Danny a chance to live forever. Danny accepts the strange promise only to find himself in an impossible setting with unbelievable powers; Danny now has the power to resurrect or ReSpawn. To ReSpawn is to die and be reborn in a predetermined area, just like in a video game. Danny unknowing attracts the attention of others with the same ability. He meets a woman Debra, who he’s not sure he can trust, her brother Michael, who seems quite annoyed with him, and finally, a dangerous psychopath Chris, looking to have a little fun. Danny is finding himself dying frequently and appearing in locations he never thought possible. He soon finds himself in the middle of something larger than he could prepare himself for. He must now help his new friends capture a madman and lock him back away in his prison; the only problem is the madman has powers too.


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