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Retired as a lead homicide detective in L.A. County. Former Alaskan State Trooper, Air Traffic Controller, Bush Pilot and, most recently, an organic farmer. I view most things as being part of life's rich pageant (a Peter Sellers quote). I wrote criminal justice commentary for a number of years but found that my real interest involved slice of life events.

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The Voice of Bugle Ann - MacKinlay Kantor
All of Herman Melville
Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell
Drums Along the Mohawk - Walter Edmonds
The Sane Society - Erich Fromm

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Episodes The memoir of a Nobod....

Chippewa Ferguson

A rural, nearly feral kid moves into a tough, xenophobic Irish neighborhood, survives and goes out into the world to find himself.

How do I describe my life? Let me count the ways: After growing up in a "Hell's Kitchen" environment, which actually prepared me for the bumps in life, I had my "edge" smoothed by the military, went off into the wilds of Alaska, flew the Alaskan bush north of the Arctic Circle, and became one of only sixfy-five Troopers for the whole state. An esoteric time in Mexico attending college and a final migration to Los Angeles set the stage for my joining the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department where I finally filled out my "Walter Mittyish" take on life and became a lead homicide detective, ending my sleuthing career with serial case involving thirty victims. Not content to sit still, I took up organic farming, which I still practice today. I believe much of what I experienced during those incredible years of World War 2, when I was essentially left to dream up my own world as my parents held down jobs and supported the war effort, set the stage for what came later in life. I was not disappointed. It was, and continues to be, a life full of humor and meaningfulness.


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jeeeeb wrote 646 days ago

Hello My name is miss Jelin, i am looking for a new friend i saw you....

Diwrite wrote 797 days ago

Dear Chippewa, Pascual lost his birthday in the Spanish Civil War.....

Neville wrote 807 days ago

Big Ed Riley’s paid his debt to society. Over Four years behind bars.....

CarolinaAl wrote 813 days ago

Hi Dick, Thank you for your very kind comments and shelving of "Sa....

CarolinaAl wrote 815 days ago

Hi Chippewa, With the support of many wonderful backers, “Savannah....

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I wrote 814 days ago

Al, I do love a mystery and I do love the south. I have already started Oak and I will devour it for awhile and get comments back to you. It sounds like a great read. view book

I wrote 831 days ago

Jessica, if what you have managed with old Chippewa is the measure of a great book, fell proud. I found so many things you touch on that reminded me of my dad, so much so that I found myself wiping away tears. I am sure many of your other readers have that connection as well. One particular scene... view book

I wrote 834 days ago

What it is, Blanca. Me gusta tu libro mucho. Un bueno libro? como no. I want you to surge on so I'm putting you on my shelf, where you should be. view book

I wrote 838 days ago

Derek, your comments are invaluable. Having lived the episodes, I'm inclined to think everything falls into place. In my mind there is continuity, but I am obviously not conveying this. I am now revisiting my first chapter, and subsequent chapters, to bring things together. What I am trying... view book

I wrote 857 days ago

Peter, I really appreciate your comments. I feel quite elevated that you took the time to point out what now seems a significant oversight on my part. I am reviewing the earlier chapters to make sure there is a continuity to the episodic nature, that is, that each element or episode stands on its ... view book

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