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Writer of Science Fiction

Member of SFWA

Slush reader and editor at Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine

New! The Far Horizon. See Smashwords link below.


This peaceful state of war - 1st place Writers Of The Future Contest second quarter 2010

The Donner Equilibrium - Finalist Writers Of The Future Contest first quarter 2010

Recently published stories:
His Name in Lights - Universe Annex Grantville Gazette #33 January 2011
Black Dragon - The Edge of Propinquity 54 October 2010
Metal Dragon - Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #46 September 2010
Prototype MBrane SF July 2010
Little Boy Lost - Midnight Echo #4 June 2010
The rebelliousness of trassi udang - Belong anthology April 2010

Party, with Echoes - Redstone SF
Charlotte's Army (novella) - Distant Worlds anthology
Where the plains merge with the sky - Scape magazine
Poor man's Travel - Anywhere But Earth anthology
Quarantine - Dead Red Heart anothology

Published three books in natural history (non-fiction)

favourite books

C.J. Cherryh's Foreigner series
Anything else by C.J.Cherryh

Anything by Stephen Baxter

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http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/pattyjansen     http://pattyjansen.wordpress.com/

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The Far Horizon

Patty Jansen

Of all the things ten-year-old Cory Wilson expects to do when he moves to Midway Space Station, saving aliens from humans isn't one.

Of all the things ten-year-old Cory Wilson expects to do when he moves to Midway Space Station, saving aliens from humans isn't one. An important conference is about to start at the station, not usually the sort of thing kids care about, not even when the conference is between humans and aliens, and half your family is alien. However, when bullies tease Cory, he ends up in a prohibited area where he overhears some men planning to plant a bomb at the conference. Because the terrorists hide their messages in computer games, no one believes Cory, not even his father, the station director. Kids at school think he’s crazy, some even think aliens should be bombed. The conference starts, the aliens have brought a very important person, and Cory's teacher, one of the terrorists, locks Cory in the classroom. Can he get out in time? If he does, will anyone listen?


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I wrote 1117 days ago

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. view book

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Good, tense situation, but I think this needs to be edited for point-of-view. Currently, we're not following any one character in particular, we're in no one's head, and that gives the text a distant quality view book

I wrote 1180 days ago

My opinion? Yes, too much 'action'. I think there is too much description of the character's physical actions as opposed to plot movement. Stage directions. He climbs over this, he hurts that, but the reader doesn't know why any of this is happening, so the reader gets impatient. What are the main ... view book

I wrote 1180 days ago

written confidently with a fresh theme. The style is efficient and polished. My only suggestion would be to give the reader more grounding on where in the world we are from the very first sentence. In absence of that grounding, with most readers' ignorance of what constitutes an African name, this... view book

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Dawn, You spammed me, twice, and while it's your right to do so, I gather you are desperate to make your way up the greasy pole. However, when you look at my profile you can see that I don't have a TSR, so whether I wanted to be spammed or not, a vote of mine will get you nowhere, because it does... view book

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