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I Once Held a Job

Jo Alex

Jim Scott loses everything. His quest for a new job leads to discovery of the truth from his own deceit and violence.

Jim Scott is a man with everything: a good job, a nice home, two great kids, and a wife who knows how to get what she wants. An engineer for thirty years with Acer International Jim suddenly finds himself out of work, and faces the challenge of seeking new employment. Jim’s quest to find a new position, leads to his discovery of the truth of his personal and financial life. Does he seek out the support of his wife and family, or does he seek retaliation for his situation?

Jim’s lack of support from his family by his own unwillingness to speak the truth of his situation spirals him out of control as Jim chooses to blame others for his circumstance. Jim believes he could recover his old job, by confronting his nemesis Brian Dugan. By exposing Brians’ secret to sell intelligence of a client Jim confronts his truth and his anger spirals out of control leading to workplace violence and the death of innocent coworkers. Jim’s confrontation is too soon. Was his fear of failure so great that he acted before the truth revealed that he in fact had a job waiting, if only he waited one more day?


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CGHarris wrote 818 days ago

Death has been released upon the world once again, and it’s up to the....

Jesse Powell wrote 1004 days ago

I write women's adventure. Men, fear not, I do not drown my heroine's....

jrevino wrote 1173 days ago

Hello, my name is James Revino, I am the author of ‘The World Blinked....

tsmith_101 wrote 1175 days ago

As the agent of record for Malika D. Dickerson (storyteller2010), I ....

Roberts_JMR wrote 1198 days ago

Jo, I saw that you joined a couple months ago, and wanted to say HI!....

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I wrote 1240 days ago

Susie Gulick: Your memoir, "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" is filled with with fun tales and several tragedies. As in life, it is engaging to see your family work through their challenges. However, this story is quite long, and at times the story seems too repetitive, only to have a heartwarming... view book

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