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Always got my head in a book wherever possible, now it's stuck in my laptop reading Authonomy books.

Pass me the ice cream is my very first effort at writing, it is mainly fictional, but some of my own life experiences have helped to develop the character and some of her experiences. I have really enjoyed writing what I have so far and have learnt a lot in the past few months. Would love you guys to take a look and leave your comments.

I like lots of genres, women's fiction mainly (Keyes, Kinsella, Matthews), comedy (Ben Elton) and pretty much anything else out there.

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Pass me the ice cream

Kelly Duffy

Falling in love is never easy...Samantha Edwards ought to know. She still hasn't got a 'real' job, lives at home and is a hopeless romantic.

Falling in love is never easy...Samantha Jane Edwards ought to know. She drinks to much, still hasn't got a 'real' job, lives with parents at 30 and is a hopeless romantic. With the help of her big sister, Sam manages to get her life back on track and experiences the real world at last. Raging hormones, manic horses, handsome irish men and dentists chairs all play a part in this tale of love and life.


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My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

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Hello Kelly; I would very much appreciate it if you could check out ....

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Hello Kelly, The weeks are counting down for the books on the ED to ....

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I wrote 1818 days ago

Read up to chapter 6, my dog is barking at me to take her out! It is amazing so far, I didn't think I would enjoy it so much. It is a great idea for a story, you tell it well, and it's really easy to read. I hope Nick and Wendy are OK at the end, and stay friends, or even GF and BF! I will be readin... view book

I wrote 1822 days ago

What a cool story. You write well and I enjoyed the first 6 chapters, they are nice and short. I will have to come back and read more soon, my laptop keeps crsahing so trying to fit in a few chapters of each book on my WL. Backed the book. Good luck, Kelly view book

I wrote 1824 days ago

Thank you for the good comments, the menopause and illness etc. comes a in a little more detail as the book goes on. I didn't want to bore the reader with it all so soon. I wanted to get the story going a little first. So glad you enjoyed it. The great thing about my book is that it appeals to men t... view book

I wrote 1824 days ago

You get caught in the story instantly and feel as though you are there too. I t is really well written and a good story line. This is the kind of book my Dad would buy, then pass on to me to read! He loves a cool thriller, and the Marshal has all the right elements to make one. Shelved and good luc... view book

I wrote 1826 days ago

Martin this is really original. I love your writing and the tone. I felt a little emotional when I read that you have dedicated it to your friend, it is even more of a special book. You have worked really hard so it has been put on my shelf. I hope this goes a lot further. From your abusive friend K... view book

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