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I'm a 31 year old male from Romsey, Hampshire. I've always enjoyed reading many different genres and throughout the years have developed a passion to write my own series of books for the young adult market. Finally taking the time to focus on this ambition I have completed my first novel coming in at just over 50,000 words.

The rest of the book is available on request.

I turns out I share the same birthday as Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle, famous for the Sherlock Holmes novels.
But then, I also share the same birthday as Jordan, or Katie Price. This explains a lot!

Favourite quote: Everyone you ever meet knows something you don't - Bill Nye

favourite books

The Harry Potter series
All the Dirk Pitt novels
Glass Books of the Dream Eaters (Loved it)

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my books


Alastair Ingason

What if your reflection moved when you did not? Bringing with it messages of a cataclysmic disaster, the solution only to do what it asks.

When your reflection takes on a mind of its own, foretelling a disaster so cataclysmic that no one will survive, Shein has no choice but to do as his reflection asks.
Slowly working together Shein and his reflection must gain access to certain documents and deliver them to a secluded location, with the aim to prevent disaster from happening. Unfortunately the acquisition of these files leads to more trouble than Shein could have possibly imagined.
Taken on a journey well outside of his normal life, Shein must adjust to a unique situation, avoiding the authorities, avoiding the inevitable and trusting himself.


The Scale

Alastair Ingason

Tied up, dragged out into the wild and forced to cooperate. Brian finds himself at the whim of dragon hunters seeking fame and fortune.

Brian has been drugged and dragged out of his bed. Waking in a clearing, tied and beaten, he finds he has no choice but to help his captors hunt unknown dragons. They need his knowledge and information to reach their prize. Brian reluctantly agrees, for now. But there are many questions unanswered.

How do they know him? Which dragons do they seek? Where did these dragons come from? What will they do with him once they have what they want?

A little older, and a little wiser, Brian bides his time for the right moment.


The Tooth

Alastair Ingason

Brian lost his family. He seeks revenge by looking for an evil, dark dragon and unwittingly becomes involved in a plot to overthrow the throne.

Brian seeks revenge after losing his family, but in this fantasy world he finds himself looking for a dangerous, dark dragon. Yet he finds much more than he was prepared for and has to accept the help of an unlikely ally with a goal of their own.

In doing so he becomes unwittingly involved in a plot to overthrow the throne headed by the King’s own brother. Can Brian avenge his family and save the realm from a powerful, evil man? Can he prevent the murder of the Princess when he is only a poor, young vagrant boy?


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Maevesleibhin wrote 234 days ago

Dear Alastair, Now that Jessup and the Teleporter has been teleporte....

D. S. Hale wrote 409 days ago

Alastairl!! This is it! The grand finale, the grand push!! Aft....

J. C. Rutledge wrote 434 days ago

Hey Alastair, Thank you very much for coming back and backing To S....

D. S. Hale wrote 452 days ago

Alastairl, You supported my book a year ago, and gave me a bunch o....

superostah wrote 453 days ago

:-) It was definitely worth the read, and I truly hope to be back so....

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I wrote 436 days ago

Thanks Marnie, I've removed the UHT, you're right there, it's not required. I've also modified some of the early scenes where he thinks he might have spotted some movement. Tried to add a bit more to those moments and build a little more tension. I do want him to shrug it off initially, because t... view book

I wrote 658 days ago

I've only read the first chapter so far, but I must admit that the writing style and the dialogue are fantastic! I will be reading more and hope to provide a larger comment. Truly captivating, I like the characters, I can visualise everything well, great work! view book

I wrote 677 days ago

I love the dialogue, you have a good way of constructing the conversations. Great starting chapter, it leaves you asking a lot of questions, which of course leads you to read more to find the answers. I also found it to be a very easy read, meaning that it flows well and I could see both young and o... view book

I wrote 798 days ago

Thank you so much for the advise and great review! I'm really pleased you enjoyed reading The Tooth! :D view book

I wrote 831 days ago

I really enjoy reading this. I've read the first 3 chapters and find the style, dialogue and descriptions really absorbing. I don't have any experience of autism but really feel both for Jayden and Carissa. Both are confused, and angry about life and how it's dealt to them. But there's hope, and ... view book

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