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Please give the first few chapters of my dark fantasy epic, The Keeper of the Sightless Eye, a read. Any feedback would be appreciated, and I'll do my best to reciprocate.

I have a habit of picking apart other people's grammar and punctuation. Most people seem to find this helpful, but I fear that others may find it condescending. If you ask me to read your book or agree to a swap, and wish for me not to proofread your work and comment only on the content, then please let me know.

My email address is davidsoutham@hotmail.co.uk, should anyone wish to contact me privately.

favourite books

H. G. Wells - The War of The Worlds
Neal Asher - The Agent Cormac novels
Robert R. McCammon - Stinger
John Connelly - The Book of Lost Things
Dean Koontz - Odd Thomas
Stephen King - The Stand
H. P. Lovecraft - Tales of the Cthulu Mythos
Tolkien - The Lord of The Rings
Guy Gavriel Kay - The Fionavar Tapestry
David Eddings - The Belgariad
Oliver Johnson - The Lightbringer Trilogy
Hugh Cook - The Wizards and the Warriors

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The Keeper of the Sightless Ey....

David Southam

Deceived by a witch, a warband called the Iron Wolves find themselves outlawed, hunting for answers while their world turns against them.

Witches, demons and monsters run rife across Werwold. On a quest for their queen, a warband named the Iron Wolves seek an artifact from an ancient magi ruin. But when a scarred, silent monk and his young female companion cross their path, the warband soon find themselves outlaws, with the world turned against them. Caught in a war beyond their imagining - a war in which choosing the wrong side could see their world turned to ashes - the renegade warband seek the truth behind the lies, unaware of the true terror that waits for them within the Sightless Eye.

The Keeper of the Sightless Eye is the first Iron Wolves novel, set in a world inspired by the history, folklore and culture of Medieval Europe.

Brace yourself for horror. Prepare yourself for war.


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My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

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Dear David--thank you for shelving Space Games and for your friendshi....

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I wrote 755 days ago

Sorry it took me so long to look at your work! I really enjoyed your story. It is well-written with good characterisation. Your descriptive writing is particularly good, as evidenced in the fall of the bell. I’d like to offer a few pointers. Take them or leave them. Pitch: “She's lost he... view book

I wrote 760 days ago

This is great work. You've developed well-conceived characters in a vividly-imagined future. I have little constructive feedback for you, and only one small niggle: “It was in a deserted part of old Moscow; a crumbling wasteland where only the drunk or the dangerous ventured.” Semicolons shou... view book

I wrote 761 days ago

I was drawn in by your pitch, and was happy to see that your effective writing style continues into the story. Your writing is bold and lively, a welcome change from the humdrum. This is great work, and I'm happy to back it. David Southam Author of The Keeper of the Sightless Eye view book

I wrote 761 days ago

This is a very enjoyable read. You've created a full and interesting world, complete with a vividly-imagined culture and history, which makes for a brilliant fantasy tale. Your characters are also colourful and interesting. I loved your pitch. You have a great first line too, the importance of w... view book

I wrote 764 days ago

In response to the previous comment, submitted by B Kurzwell: I disagree. When the writer asks 'will she agree to him visiting again?' he is asking whether she will give consent, not whether she will agree with another person on something. In this instance, the use of 'to' is correct, and 'with' ... view book

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