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I am a very fun and out going person that love fantasy and fiction. It's doesn't matter if i am reading it or looking at a movie just love the mystical and fantasy about it. I guess i am the person that is not scare to check out the unknown if it is there. When i am not caught up in that i am hanging with friends and family. :)

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New Moon
Breaking Dawn
The Soceress
And a whole lot of other fiction and fantasy books. lol :)

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http://www.imvu.com     http://reignofblood.net/link.php?n=588490

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T Barr wrote 506 days ago

Hello Golden, I would luv for you to comment on my book Overlords ....

Kestrelraptorial wrote 561 days ago

Hi Andrea, I've revived the Horror Critique Group. The link t....

Adam Thurstman wrote 635 days ago


jeeeeb wrote 647 days ago

Hello My name is miss Jelin, i am looking for a new friend i saw you....

Eponymous Rox wrote 653 days ago

Hey there, Andrea. My investigative piece ‘THE CASE OF THE DROWNING M....

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I wrote 698 days ago

Jeffery U give this story a voice at the beginning of the story with the eerie description of the wind and moss even right down to the insects. I had the central air unit on and just by u describing the wind i got goose bumps ! :) In my opinion this story have all the element of a great horror stor... view book

I wrote 699 days ago

Patio I really enjoyed reading your book. Just from reading the first three chapter u described how hard life was in ur house with ur father and his women! But in all this mayham u still manage to put god first by getting ready for church after ur chores. Prayer and faith kept u going as u continue... view book

I wrote 699 days ago

Rian I really like reading different storylines in a book which are not the same. I can honestly tell u, ur book is not the same vampire, wolf, or witch story. It is very different. :) It has a very strong storyline between Devin, Sadie, and Barb. I love the different characters and their emotion a... view book

I wrote 699 days ago

Derek I never thought i would read a story about the end of days building up the way u r describing it in ur book. Here u have an Atheithis grandfather that did a lot of things in his life suddenly on his death bed found redemption and tells his grandson to make right what he made wrong. This is ju... view book

I wrote 700 days ago

Dianna Congrats on completing ur book! :) I loved the story u told about Miah struggles and fears. It was told so beautifully. The story was very descriptive and timeless. :) It was fill with action and motivation for a person to have faith in ones own life. :) Good luck on ur book ! :) view book

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