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I'm a 35 year old science teacher, living near Portsmouth UK. I'm currently trying my hand at writing a novel and am hoping to share with some like minded individuals. I look forward to some great debates on here.

My book is called "Absolute Faith" and the first rough draught is now on here!

favourite books

My influences.

Greg Bear, Darwin's Radio.
Colleen McCollough, Rome series.
Alastair Reynolds, The prefect

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Absolute Faith

James Hardy

Faith; to trust in your beliefs, Facts; something known as true. Scientists discover facts that challenges the world's faith. Civil War is coming.

When Adam Morris discovers one of his vats of isolated proteins acting strangely he assumed he had made an error in its preparation.
When Rossi notices an anomaly on a test run of the Hadron Collider she assumes that she had messed up months of work.
Both find out in time that their errors are no mistake and will take our understanding of ourselves and our universe further than they could have imagined.
Not everyone is pleased by this and, as the world enters financial meltdown, all three find themselves wanted by both sides of a vicious global war.


This is a first draft, and there are several issues with both plot and writing style, I'm posting it on here in the hope of improving my writing, I'm not thinking this is the polished end product.

Many thanks to anyone who has read and sent me any feedback, I take criticism in the spirit it is given.

Cover by Carrie L McRae (she's a star!)


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I wrote 713 days ago

SF 42 review (its one up from Ted's :)) Maurice, you are a talented writer and your writing flows in a pleasing manner, the descriptions are good and I could easily picture the places that you described in detail. I have written notes on chapters 1-6 please take them as my emotive reaction as a p... view book

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This is a SF42 Review. (have read up to the end of chapter 8) I really liked the premise of this book and found myself immersed in a realistically grubby future. It made sense for it to be set in Russia and the characters generally worked well. I liked how the technology wasn’t perfect and how s... view book

I wrote 743 days ago

Thanks bud, although credit goes to Carrie L McRae for it. :) view book

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This is a SF42 review; I've read the first 3 chapter’s and these are my initial feelings and feedback  I make no attempt to comment on typos and sentence structure as I’d be a liability. First of all, I really liked the setting, someone else has hinted at the comparisons with alien, but had h... view book

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