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I live in California with my wife and two children. Writing has always been a passion of mine, yet it's taken me 40 years to find the time to sit down and finish something i've started.
The World Blinked is my first novel, hopefully not my last. As many others on this site know, when writing isn't your paid profession, it's not always that easy to find the time to do.
Thank you to all that support, or simply comment on my work. (good and bad) It means a lot. Although I may not get a chance to personally thank everyone, it is much appreciated.

"So shines a good deed in a weary world."

favourite books

The Road by Cormac McCarthy
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

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James Revino

A young boy is accused of murder, while those around him deal with their own demons.

Peter is being hunted for murder, while his friend Edward is being held by the police as the only witness,and as a suspect himself.
Deputy Ciro leads the case as he searches for Peter and the reasons behind the murder. As the clues unfold Ciro becomes more involved until he realizes he is an integral part of what happened. More importantly, it is up to him to put the pieces together before time runs out on him, and those that are depending on him.


the world blinked

james revino

a man deals with the guilt of his son's death, while finding solace in the words of a bloody notebook he has found.

Thomas Alquist is about to find out what can happen when the world blinks. He is the owner of a modest, yet successful business, husband to a lovely lady, and father to a magnificent ten year old boy, Alec. All is well, until Thomas and Alec set off for a weekend getaway. On their outing, a sequence of events leads to the death of Thomas' son, and his life is forever shattered.
His world torn apart, Thomas' only solace is in the words of a bloody notebook found in a box buried at his work site. The notebook tells the story of Ajani, a man whose life is shackled by an impetuous act committed years ago. With the help of a young boy, Ajani tries to lead a life free of the shame he cannot escape.
Filled with emotion, twists, action, and suspense, The World Blinked tells the tale of two men worlds apart, yet sharing a common struggle. To find a way to deal with the guilt and blame that is threatening their very lives.


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I wrote 65 days ago

The first chapter has a good flow and introduce the story and main character in a good manner. My critiques would be that you need to watch your point of view throughout. It seems to wander from lisbeth to the police office, receptionist, and the guard. This event is the basis of the story and shoul... view book

I wrote 103 days ago

I like the scenery and the atmosphere. My only concern is how quickly you introduce the images sha'ara sees. They seem to be an integral part of the story and perhaps getting to the know the character a little more before such an important scene unfolds would give it more value. Reading on and will ... view book

I wrote 138 days ago

A good first chapter. You immediately get a feel for julia and colin' s tension filled relationship. Reading on. view book

I wrote 154 days ago

Tony colido's demise is a good intro. Chapter one moves along well. Only comment would be to ease up on the side stories so early until we know a little more of the real one. E.g. Leonard's wife's lover's father, and the tale of his own father. Chapter 2- I love to read about scenery and surroundi... view book

I wrote 248 days ago

chapter one flows well, and you introduce the characters easily. One error I noticed. 'I plant my foot and cut passed (past) him for (an) easy 12 foot jump shot.' 20 3 pointers in a row, that's not too common. Overall, it is a good intro. You dont overload us with info and you keep us interested w... view book

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