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I am back on this site, sort of - just to drop in and try and read when I can - I have just completed another non-fiction book, and am in the middle of another one, and deadlines all around. Professionally that's cool, but the elusive novel still hounds me. Writing fiction is a joy, it is spiritually healing, or any other way of describing it that you decide.

A LESSON - losing 550 comments and a ranking of 13 overall was probably the best thing I did - to make me realise that the game -playing on this site was taking over my life so I had hardly any time to write and even my relationships began to suffer.
My book is still on the site because it merits a place somewhere. But I'm truly ZEN about it now :-) Peace and love to all those who know you're a friend.

Astrologer, best-selling non-fiction writer. Gemini, married three times, two children, living in France -
as you can see below I'm a prolific non-fiction writer. But getting fiction published is a nightmare even for well-published non-fiction authors like myself! So, hey, I'm joining the gang :-)
Here we go.....

Sensual Woman
Auras and How to Read Them
Fated Attraction (HarperC! oup now I believe))
The Love Tarot
Women Sex and Astrology
Mythical Lovers, Divine Desires
The World of Myths and Mythology
Feng Shui for Lovers
Feng Shui for Entertaining
The Five keys of Feng Shui
Your Love Horoscope 2004-6 (HarperC!)
Baby Signs
Eight Ways to Tell Your Fortune
The Tarot Bible (best-seller in UK)
The Mythology Bible
Simply Feng Shui (2010)
Working with the Tarot (2010)

"A Midsummer Night's Secret" is complete (about 80,000 words) but polishing continues

My philosophy is to back books that will be successful in their own genre/market, rather than backing because I like it personally, or not backing it because the genre isn't my cup of tea!

favourite books

Rebecca, Perfume, She Came to Stay, Passion of the Western Mind, Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Art of Travel, The Tarot Bible

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my books

A Midsummer Night's Secret

Sarah Bartlett

Travel journalist, India Lake, must safeguard not only an occult bronze table, but save herself from the flames of love's deadliest fire.

When India inherits a house in the south of France and leaves London for the summer, her freedom-loving lifestyle and passionate affair with architect, Theo Bright, look set to suffer. But Theo's dark past catches up with him in London and his only escape is to join India.

The discovery of a sixteenth century travelling trunk and its contents leads India on an extraordinary quest to discover an ancient bronze table. Following up messages left by the blind professor who bequeathed her the house, India meets the enigmatic French archaeologist, Lucien Beroul, also seeking the table. Dangerously seductive, who is he? Can he be trusted? India's hunger for a mystical scoop, forces her to join him on the mission and their provocative relationship begins.

Caught up in a web of passion, possession, adventure and lies, India discovers not only the secret of the bronze table, but the truth about Theo, Beroul, love and most of all herself.


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I wrote 1214 days ago

Lovely stuff. Enjoyed this immensely. Can't beat a great thriller with historical trappings and complex plot. Backed. All the best, Sarah view book

I wrote 1235 days ago

I only read the first chapter ,as is my want ,and time to spare. Loved it. Backed for magical things happening in your words. All the best, Sarah view book

I wrote 1235 days ago

Hello Benjamin, I think you've done very well with this book. I'm not quite sure what this is though. Is it a novel or a non-fiction book? You move between the two. It doesn't work. I am being hard on you, because I work in non-fiction for a living (for a pittance) and think you need to develop your... view book

I wrote 1590 days ago

Rebecca, right up my street, love the writing style, simple yet effective and a great premise, pitch and genuine characters. I truly hope this does well for you, backed with pleasure. view book

I wrote 1590 days ago

I'm backing a few of these true life, hugely moving stories, because they do bring us all down to the base line of being human. Not my genre, but well thought out and truly courageous. view book

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