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A refugee from the 1970's

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Asimov, A.C. Clarke, Conan Doyle, C.S. Lewis, Ray Mears, R.L. Smith

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Jennie6092 wrote 317 days ago

Thank you!!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the support! If....

Brian G Chambers wrote 341 days ago

Hi Martin I am currently at No 15 with my Mary's Magic Muffins & Ot....

Jessicaw wrote 361 days ago

Hello, Thanks a million for backing 'Oskar the Viking'! I really app....

Bell52 wrote 366 days ago

Hi Martin. Thanks so much for backing my book. It's very much appre....

carolinelangford wrote 386 days ago

Hi Martin, Thank you so much for backing 'Walking on Eggshells'. Mu....

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I wrote 318 days ago

Hi Jennifer, Love the description and texture of your writing - good story telling.. all the best M view book

I wrote 509 days ago

Hello Lauren, Good writing. Well told tale with a pleasant writing style. On a personal note only, I think I would have preferred a little more supporting description of the backgrounds through which the characters moved, so as to help carry the reader along. best wishes M view book

I wrote 519 days ago

Top writing Alice, a tear-jerker, not sure what happened to the chapter numbering though (4a?) best regards M view book

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