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Denni is involved in several different projects all the time. He runs and owns "Jurassic Hosting & Design Studios". Producer & Owner of "Megalodon Records". Writer of "Knight Mysteries" book series and the brand new Zombie series "The Dead Chronicles"

He sings for the Wizard Rock band “The Cruciatus Curse” & comedy band “Dark Alley Murder”


“CSI: Hogwarts – A Place To Belong”

And also

Knight Family Mysteries Book Series

“Ash Knight & the 9 Circles of Hell”

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Sherlock Holmes
Jurassic Park & The Lost World
Harry Potter series
Angels & Demons
The Da Vinci Code
The Lost Symbol

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Outbreak | The Dead Chronicles....

Denni Towle

They peeled back. He swore he could feel them peeling back. Yet nothing but darkness filled his vision.

His eyes were open, but his eyesight was gone. Thoughts and questions began circulating throughout his mind; thoughts of living with a disability as severe as blindness and questions concerning how this could have happened. His vision was just fine yesterday. Or was it the day before? It was at that moment, seconds after awaking to a world of darkness that he realized he couldn't remember the last few days. After that realization had passed, a more frightening realization came to fruition.


The Ghost Kiss - Knight Myster....

Denni Towle

For Drake, everything that happened next was like a blur. He just reacted instinctively. "Drake, STOP!" Dusk yelled, but it was too late.

For Drake, everything that happened next was like a blur. He just reacted instinctively. "Drake, STOP!" Dusk yelled, but it was too late. Drake had already begun to lower the candlestick with a crushing blow. He struck the figure on the head with all of his might. The figure crumbled to the floor. Before Drake could even move, Dusk had jumped up and ran over to the figure. "It is your brother!" Dusk said as she rolled the figure over. Drake was still in shock; first of all that Talon could even possibly know that he was at this house in the middle of no where. Secondly, that Dusk knew that he had a brother. He never told her that he had a brother. The only relative that he even mentioned was his father. "He is hurt, aren’t you going to help him?" Dusk asked again, now cradling the figure’s head in her lap.


The Island: Knight Mysteries C....

Denni Towle

Drake dodged the attack and spun around just as his attacker threw a punch. Drake received the blow and stumbled backward.

Drake dodged the attack and spun around just as his attacker threw a punch. Drake received the blow and stumbled backward. Talon ran to his brother’s aid, but before he could take a swing another masked figure shoved him to the ground. Talon cried out in pain as his face met with the damp wooden planks of the dock. “Talon!” Drake leapt to his feet and ran toward his brother. He dodged the other masked brutes that blocked his way. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain shoot through his right leg. His legs collapsed beneath him and he found himself plummeting headlong off the dock and toward the churning waters below.


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I wrote 670 days ago

Thank you very much! Hope you enjoy! view book

I wrote 670 days ago

Great intro! I can relate with the story a bit, so it makes for some character bonding, which is key for a story I read. I can't wait til it's finished! - Denni Towle http://www.authonomy.com/books/44974/the-ghost-kiss-knight-mysteries-1/ view book

I wrote 673 days ago

I'm so glad to see another Orlando resident on here! I love the outline and the structure of this book. Gripping and dangerous! I love how many different genres you fit in, a little of this and a little of that. Permanently backed! view book

I wrote 673 days ago

Very entertaining! I'm very impressed with the book as a whole, very good writing and catching the moment! view book

I wrote 673 days ago

Very interesting. Not my normal read, but very entertaining. Backed! view book

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